BOBBY GOLDSBORO Born Robert Charles Goldsborough January 18, 1941 One older brother Three children from first marriage Married wife Dianne on April 11, 1985 Born in Marianna, Florida Moved to Dothan, Alabama as a teenager Attended Auburn University, 2 years Member of The Webs musical group (aka The Dothans and The Peeple) Joined Roy Orbison’s band, toured with Beatles, Rolling Stones & Beach Boys Recorded throughout 1960’s, 1970’s, early 1980’s Recorded 70 singles released to U.S. radio, with additional songs to foreign countries Had 54 different songs ranked on Billboard and Cash Box magazine singles charts “See the Funny Little Clown” was #9 on Billboard Pop Chart, #3 Easy Listening in 1964 “Honey” was biggest selling record in the world in 1968 “Honey” #1 Pop, #1 Country, #1 Easy Listening, #1 in several foreign countries “Honey” voted Ballad of the Decade in England Multiple Grammy Award nominee “Watching Scotty Grow” was biggest Adult Contemporary record of 1971 “Summer (The First Time)” voted Greatest Summer Song in England Hosted “The Bobby Goldsboro Show” TV series 1973-1975 Won 27 BMI songwriter awards, with songs performed by hundreds of other artists as varied as Eddy Arnold, Aretha Franklin, Julie Andrews, Chuck Woolery, and Big Bird Performed theme song and music for Burt Reynolds’ “Evening Shade” CBS-TV series Created children’s books, videos, and “The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon” TV series Oil paintings featured in several successful art shows, and exhibited in several prominent art galleries, banks and the Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. Known for tree frog impression, sometimes called a cricket sound Known for suffering freak accidents, including once cutting foot on a Rice Krispie