ACETATES, DEMONSTRATION RECORDS AND TEST PRESSINGS While generally destroyed after use, some of these rare recordings still exist.  Some   include songs that were never formally released. ADVERTISING Includes national ads for Coca-Cola soft drinks, Chrysler-Plymouth automobiles and Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners, regional ads for Mrs. Winners Chicken & Biscuits restaurants, and Frito’s Corn Chips ads on “The Bobby Goldsboro Show.” ART OF BOBBY GOLDSBORO Bobby Goldsboro began oil painting on his 65th birthday in 2006.  Since then, he has created a very impressive body of work and has hosted numerous successful art shows at galleries around the country.  Click here to view the official website pages. AUDIO BOOKS Music composed for audio books including “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty and “My Life” by Burt Reynolds. AWARDS Awards include gold records and songwriting honors, some noted here. BOARD GAME Promotional decal on “Rrib-bit” board game by Genesis Industries. CHARITY Bobby has given his talent and support for many charitable causes, including singing on the Labor Day MDA Telethon and the WHAS-TV Crusade for Children among others. On March 6-12, 1977, The American Optometric Association named Bobby national chairman of their 50th Anniversary “Save Your Vision” week. COLLECTABLES A variety of miscellaneous merchandise featuring Bobby Goldsboro includes trading cards and comic books. CONCERTS Bobby Goldsboro has performed for live audiences throughout his career.  Several of these shows featured songs that were never recorded or released. CONTACT INFORMATION Contact the webmaster of this site at BobbyGoldsboroMusic@gmail.com. Contact Bobby Goldsboro through his official website at Bobby@BobbyGoldsboro.com. DOWNLOADS Downloads of MP3 audio files are available on websites including iTunes, Amazon, and BobbyGoldsboro.com. GOLF Played in several celebrity charity golf tournaments, and hosted the “Bobby Goldsboro Eye Foundation Classic” in Alabama in 1991.  In the fall of 1974, Bobby’s team was the winner of the 10th annual Music City Pro-Celebrity Golf Tournament in Nashville. HALL OF FAME Inducted to Alabama Music Hall of Fame, 1999. KARAOKE Many songs are available as backing tracks for karaoke singing. MAGAZINES, NEWSPAPERS AND ONLINE PUBLICATIONS Many national and local publications, including online, featured interviews with and other stories about Bobby Goldsboro. MERCHANDISE Includes “Easter Egg Mornin’” merchandise at K-Mart stores in 1992, which featured stuffed animals, toys, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  Also, various merchandise is available at BobbyGoldsboro.com. POLITICAL CANDIDATE Helped campaign during Presidential elections. PRODUCER CREDITS Bobby Goldsboro produced recordings for several other artists. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS Includes national radio PSA’s for American Cancer Society, Easter Seals and the U.S. military. PUBLICITY PHOTOGRAPHS Several photos were issued by management, record companies and shows. PUBLISHING COMPANIES Published several songs by other artists through House of Gold Music, Inc., and Bobby Goldsboro Music, Inc. SHEET MUSIC Several songs were featured on sheet music. SITE MAP Click here for an index of all pages. SOCIAL MEDIA Bobby Goldsboro has no official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, but updates from this site are on Twitter at @BGoldsboroMusic TENNIS Played in celebrity charity tennis tournaments. WEBSITES Featured in many other websites, including official sites www.BobbyGoldsboro.com and www.SwampCritters.com Any samples of copyrighted material shown for non-profit, documentation purposes only.