EASTER EGG MORNIN’ (1991) VHS:  Family Home Entertainment Book and Cassette:  Kid Rhino #R4 70427 Songs: Easter Egg Mornin’ This Bunny Likes to Ride Stay Awhile and Visit I’m Gonna Be Famous How Will They Know SNUFFY, THE ELF WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS (1991) VHS:  Family Home Entertainment Book and Cassette:  Kid Rhino #R4 70476 Songs: Where Do You Go Just a Little Pinch of Sand Snuffy’s Goodbye Song Elves’ Work Song Snuffy’s Theme LUMPKIN THE PUMPKIN (1991) VHS:  Family Home Entertainment Cassette:  Kid Rhino #R4 70477 Songs: A Frightful Night for Halloween Lumpkin’s Wish Witches Have to Be Scary Lumpkin’s Theme STINGER, KING OF THE BEES (1991) VHS:  Family Home Entertainment Book and Cassette:  Kid Rhino #R4 70478 Songs: Stinger Theme When You’re All Alone Tougher Than I Look THE BOY WHO BECAME A FROG (1993) Comes to Life A CAT NAMED BOB (1993) Comes to Life THE ADVENTURES OF CHEZE AND KWACKERS (2000) aka THE ADVENTURES OF CHEZE AND QUACKERS BOOK 1 Noah and the Ark David and Goliath THE ADVENTURES OF CHEZE AND KWACKERS (2000) BOOK 2 Jonah and the Whale Daniel in the Lion’s Den THE SWAMP CRITTERS OF LOST LAGOON (1995) 52 Half-hour Episodes Official Website: Other: THE ADVENTURES OF KIDD ‘N’ KABOODLES (1989)      Episode One:  What the Heck are Kaboodles? MURRY KRISMOOSE (1991) THE GREAT POOCHINI (2004) Original song used for Palm Beach Opera promotional tie-in with Gary Clement’s book to encourage children to attend opera. THE LEGEND OF JOE BIMINI (2006)
Many years ago one Christmas, Bobby Goldsboro was driving with his then small children from their home in  Nashville, Tennessee, to his parents’ home in Dothan, Alabama.  To entertain the youngsters on the long  journey, he told them every traditional holiday story he knew.  Eventually, he ran out of the standards and  began to make up an original Christmas story, and it was very well-received by his kids.  This sparked Bobby  to consider writing for children everywhere. Over a decade later, Bobby made the conscious decision to seriously pursue the idea.  In 1983, he stopped  his popular music recording and concert performances, and concentrated on children’s projects.  “Snuffy, the Elf who Saved Christmas,” was the fruition of the story Bobby had told his children those many years earlier.   It became a storybook with accompanying audio cassette, narrated by Bobby and featuring original songs.   “Easter Egg Mornin’” became the first animated video project, and became a very successful annual broadcast  on The Disney Channel cable television network.  Several other titles followed, culminating in “The Swamp  Critters of Lost Lagoon” live-action series, which still airs in America and around the world.
The series is currently being shown on TCT Kids, a TCT Ministries channel.  The shows can be seen on, with several episodes archived for on-demand viewing.  Click here or on the logo at left for information. The shows are also airing on Smile of a Child, a TBN channel. Click here or on the logo at left for information.