This page lists vinyl albums recorded by Bobby Goldsboro.  Click on an  album title to view an individual detailed page. Most vinyl albums were available in the tape format of the time (cassette, 8- track, and/or reel-to-reel tapes).  Long-play titles not available on vinyl are listed on the “Tapes” and “Compact Discs” pages. Earliest albums on United Artists Records had catalog numbers of UAS-   6### for stereo versions and UAL-3### for high fidelity monaural versions.  Some versions from record clubs have alternate catalog numbers. Some albums available outside the United States are listed on the “Foreign” page.  Some “various artist” compilation albums and some vinyl records of  radio programs are linked at the bottom of this page.  
(Year, Record Label Number, Title) With THE WEBS on LAS POSAS RECORDS: 1978   110   BOBBY GOLDSBORO WITH THE WEBS - OLD GOLD On UNITED ARTISTS RECORDS: 1964   UAS 6358 THE BOBBY GOLDSBORO ALBUM 1964   UAS 6381 I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU 1965   UAS 6425 LITTLE THINGS 1965   UAS 6471 BROOMSTICK COWBOY 1966   UAS 6486 IT’S TOO LATE 1966   UAS 6552 BLUE AUTUMN 1967   UAS 6561 SOLID GOLDSBORO - BOBBY GOLDSBORO’S GREATEST HITS 1967   UAS 6599 THE ROMANTIC, WACKY, SOULFUL, ROCKIN’, COUNTRY, BOBBY GOLDSBORO 1967   UAS 6615 OUR WAY OF LIFE (BOBBY GOLDSBORO & DEL REEVES) 1968   UAS 6642 HONEY (originally titled PLEDGE OF LOVE) 1968   UAS 6657 WORD PICTURES 1969   UAS 6704 TODAY 1970   UAS 6735 MUDDY MISSISSIPPI LINE 1970   UAS 5502 BOBBY GOLDSBORO’S GREATEST HITS 1970   UAS 6777 WE GOTTA START LOVIN’ (later retitled WATCHING SCOTTY GROW) 1971   UAS 5516 COME BACK HOME 1972   UAS 5578 CALIFORNIA WINE 1973   UA-LA019-F BRAND NEW KIND OF LOVE 1973   UA-LA124-F SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) 1974   UA-LA311-H2 BOBBY GOLDSBORO’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM (two-record set) 1975   UA-LA424-G GOLDSBORO (THROUGH THE EYES OF A MAN) (not officially released in America) 1976   UA-LA639-G A BUTTERFLY FOR BUCKY On EPIC RECORDS: 1977   PE 34703 GOLDSBORO On CURB RECORDS: 1980   JZ 36822 BOBBY GOLDSBORO 1982   FZ 37734 ROUND UP SALOON On SPECTRA RECORDS: 1986   11841 GOLDSBORO GOLD 1986   11842 HAPPY HOLIDAYS Promotional Albums on UNITED ARTISTS RECORDS: 1971   UA SP58 FAMILY ALBUM (with scrapbook) 1974   UAMG106 UA MUSIC PUBLISHING GROUP PRESENTS SONGS OF (with songbook) Reissues/Compilations on SUNSET RECORDS: 1969   SUS 5236 THIS IS BOBBY GOLDSBORO 1970   SUS 5284 PLEDGE OF LOVE 1970   SUS 5315 AUTUMN OF MY LIFE 1976   SL    4029 I BELIEVE IN MUSIC Reissues/Compilations on LIBERTY RECORDS: 1980   SLL 8142 LOVE SONGS 1980   LN 10007 BOBBY GOLDSBORO’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM, VOLUME I 1980   LN 10047 BOBBY GOLDSBORO’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM, VOLUME II 1981   LN 10114 BEST OF BOBBY GOLDSBORO 1983   LN 10267 GREATEST HITS Compilation on DORAL RECORDS: 1972   DLP-105 DORAL PRESENTS BOBBY GOLDSBORO Compilation on K-TEL RECORDS: 1977   NC 472 GOLDSBORO GOLD Reissues on PICKWICK RECORDS: 1978   SPC-3633 WORD PICTURES 1979   SPC-3714 HONEY Click here for notable foreign country albums Click here for notable “various artist” compilation albums Click here for notable radio show albums Click here for tribute albums
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Each individual album page includes a listing of song titles, Billboard magazine chart rankings, and photos. Also included is “Little Things,” a section of details and trivia, and “With Pen in Hand,” a sampling of Bobby Goldsboro’s songwriting. Some pages include “I Know You Better Than That,” a section dispelling common misconceptions.