SIDE ONE 1.  BRAND NEW KIND OF LOVE (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:33) 2.  LET ME LOVE YOU FOR TONIGHT (Bobby Goldsboro) (4:20) 3.  I BELIEVE IN MUSIC (Mac Davis) (2:47) 4.  CHILDHOOD-1949 (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:18) 5.  THE GUITAR MAN (David Gates) (2:59) SIDE TWO 1.  A SONG FOR CHILDREN (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:30) 2.  I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW (Johnny Nash) (3:17) 3.  BY YOUR SIDE (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:17) 4.  FEVER (Eddie Cooley/John Davenport aka Otis Blackwell) (2:49) 5.  BIRMINGHAM LUCY (Bobby Goldsboro) (4:07)
1973 United Artists Records UA-LA019-F
"Brand New Kind of Love" Album Top Position:  #207 Pop Billboard magazine, February 24, 1973, Page 47, Radio Action & Pick LP’s, Pop Picks, Also Recommended Title cut is strong breakout shot for an artist who’s been around a long while.  Entire album impeccably produced. "Brand New Kind of Love" Single (UA #51107) Top Position:  #37 Easy Listening, #116 Pop Billboard magazine, January 20, 1973, Page 60, Radio Action & Pick Singles, Pop, Also Recommended
Available on Compact Disc: “Brand New Kind of Love,” “I Can See Clearly Now” Available on Tape: 8-Track, cassette and reel-to-reel Available on Vinyl Singles: “Brand New Kind of Love,” “Childhood-1949” Notable Cover: “Childhood-1949” was recorded by actor Burt Reynolds
“Brand New Kind of Love” was listed as one of singer Johnny Nash’s favorite songs in a 11/9/75 “Family Weekly” article. “Childhood-1949” was the first song on actor Burt Reynolds’ album, “Ask Me What I Am,” produced by Bobby.  The April 14, 1973, issue of Billboard magazine included a feature on using television advertising.  Chuck Fox, assistant director of merchandising for United Artists Records, “cited a recent campaign in Atlanta, Ga., as a prime example of the label’s results in the field.  The television campaign revolved around singer Bobby Goldsboro’s latest product and was tied-in with the artist’s local television program.  Sales figures in the market for Goldsboro’s disk “Brand New Kind of Love” had a 200 to 300 percent increase...Sixty-second promotion spots were used on Goldsboro’s show for four weeks and were supported by local consumer print advertising...The tie-in of promotion spots proved to be an important spring board for in-store appearances by the artist and tie-in displays provided local retailers.”
If I could love you, if you would let me love you We’d have a brand new kind of love - “Brand New Kind of Love” Let me love you for tonight And when I leave you in the morning I will leave no strings behind to tie you down - “Let Me Love You for Tonight” I searched through the night While some dude held her tight Turned her head with some bread and a bed full of lies And then he was gone - “Birmingham Lucy”
Nightmare fears and Grandma’s tears And gingerbread to bake me Where was I when childhood died And manhood came to take me? - “Childhood-1949” I will write a song for children And if my dream comes true Maybe someday we’ll grow up to be children, too - “A Song for Children” When the years have turned our hair to grey We’ll look back on a life of happy days And I pray, long as there’s a night and day I will always stay by your side - “By Your Side”
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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