SIDE ONE 1.  PLEDGE OF LOVE (Bobby Goldsboro) 2.  PITY THE FOOL (Bobby Goldsboro/Buddy Buie) 3.  BLUE AUTUMN (Bobby Goldsboro) 4.  IT HURTS ME (Bobby Goldsboro) 5.  LOVE IS (Bobby Goldsboro) SIDE TWO 1.  AUTUMN OF MY LIFE (Bobby Goldsboro) 2.  LITTLE THINGS (Bobby Goldsboro) 3.  DANNY (Bobby Goldsboro) 4.  LETTER TO EMILY (Bobby Goldsboro) 5.  THE WORLD BEYOND (Bobby Goldsboro)
1972 Doral Records DLP-105
Available on 8-track and cassette tapes. Record was available by mail order for $2.99 (for 2 LP’s or 1 tape) and two bottom flaps from Doral cigarettes. Records by Johnny Cash, B.J. Thomas, Diana Ross, and Ferrante and Teicher were also offered.
BACK COVER LINER NOTES “Bobby Goldsboro is a man involved, young and gentle, contemporary in style and way of life, except for the antique cars he loves and makes his hobby.  His clothes, carefully chosen, exquisitely designed and immaculately worn, are of extremely good, modern taste.  He is a handsome man with expressive, large blue eyes, full face, and his hair beautifully coiffured somewhat in the style of Prince Valiant.”
Back Cover
Side 1
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