SIDE ONE 1.  WITH PEN IN HAND (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:27) 2.  THE GOLD HILL HOTEL (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:14) 3.  RICHER MAN THAN I (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:57) 4.  IT’S TOO LATE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:15) 5.  SEE THE FUNNY LITTLE CLOWN (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:35) 6.  HARD LUCK JOE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:47) 7.  VOODOO WOMAN (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:14) SIDE TWO 1.  AUTUMN OF MY LIFE (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:25) 2.  BROOMSTICK COWBOY (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:29) 3.  HOBOES AND KINGS (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:02) 4.  IT’S UP TO US (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:30) 5.  THE GENTLE OF A MAN (Bobby Goldsboro/Dennis Curry) (3:24) 6.  DOWN ON THE BAYOU (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:55) 7.  MUDDY MISSISSIPPI LINE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:41) Promotional Item Only. Consisting of Scrapbook, “Come Back Home” LP, “Honey” Silver Spotlight single, and a special compilation album of previously-released songs.
1971 United Artists Records UA SP58
Per “Solid Gold:  The Popular Record Industry” by R. Serge Denisoff, page 181: “Artists rarely feel their company is doing enough for them.  A strong marketing campaign may offset this attitude.  Bobby Goldsboro renewed his United Artist contract because of a biographical family album mailing sent to radio stations.  An elegant album with a red cover and gold lettering enclosed pages of pictures and the performer’s previous recordings.  Marty Cerf recalls, “When he saw this,” pointing to the record package, “all of a sudden how could he refuse to sign. This was right on the verge of going to Columbia, which has very large friends down in Nashville.  Some of his closest buddies are with Columbia.” 
Sampling of Items Included
Side 1
Side 2
Billboard Magazine, December 11, 1971, page 4, General News “U.A. MAKES UNIQUE PACK ON GOLDSBORO PROMO” LOS ANGELES--Climaxing United Artists Records’ Bobby Goldsboro Month promotion, which it’s claimed raised Goldsboro’s catalog sales some 30 percent, the label has issued a unique 50-page facsimile family photo album tracing the singer’s life story. The Goldsboro Family Album took six months to assemble.  It is being mailed to 1,500 radio stations and newspaper entertainment editors to coincide with release of the new Goldsboro single, “A Poem For My Little Lady.” The simulated red leather covers of the photo album are actually sleeves containing two LP’s, Goldsboro’s current “Come Back Home” and a special pressing combining all Goldsboro’s hit compositions, including such standards as “It’s Too Late” and “Voodoo Woman.”  The kit also includes Goldsboro’s 1969 single of “Honey” which won the Record of the Year Grammy.  (Note: The single was the 1969 “Silver Spotlight” re-issue of the 1968 hit, which was nominated for the Record of the Year Grammy.) “Bobby Goldsboro has been one of UA’s most consistent selling artists during his eight years on the label,” said Marty Cerf of the UA creative services dept.  “With Goldsboro Month and now this Family Album promotion, we want to showcase Bobby in a way that demonstrates all his outstanding contributions to today’s music.  It’s really not easy for record companies to reach the press with campaigns for artists who are big in MOR and country as well as the Top 40 market.”
Bobby has said that many of the family photos and other items used in the project came from his mother, and some were either damaged or never returned to her.