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OTHER NETWORKS “Supernatural” on The CW Network has used Bobby’s music twice. “Regarding Dean” (Season 12, Episode 11, original airdate February 9, 2017) featured an abridged version of the original recording of “Broomstick Cowboy” during a show-ending montage.  “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” (Season 7, Episode 5, original airdate October 21, 2011) included a short scene with “See the Funny Little Clown” playing on the car radio. “The Orville” on Fox TV used Bobby’s “The Straight Life” as elevator music on “Cupid’s Dagger” (Season 1, Episode 9, original airdate November 9, 2017).
GET TV NETWORK getTV airs reruns of “Jim Nabors Hour,” “Johnny Cash Show” &“Dolly!” Check listings by clicking here for possible airing of Jim Nabors’ Season 2, Episode 19 from 1971 or Dolly Parton’s Episode 17 from 1976/77. Bobby’s performance was deleted from a recent edited rerun of the 1970 Johnny Cash show.
No known television programs featuring Bobby Goldsboro are currently scheduled for broadcast.
Channels to watch:
RFD-TV CABLE TELEVISION  RFD-TV has recently run several programs featuring Bobby Goldsboro, including “Ray Stevens’ CabaRay Nashville” (first run May 2016), “Hee Haw” and “Nashville on the Road” as recently as 2017.  “Pop! Goes the Country” with Bobby has also aired on the network. Check listings regularly.
ANTENNA TV NETWORK Antenna TV has recently run episodes of “Evening Shade” featuring Bobby Goldsboro’s theme song and other music. Currently, the network airs reruns of “The Tonight Show” as “Johnny Carson,” although very few episodes have included musicians.
50 YEARS AGO In 1969, Bobby Goldsboro recorded several classic songs, including two that would become radio favorites and staples of his concert and television appearances: “I’m a Drifter” - Recorded February 14th “Muddy Mississippi Line” - Recorded June 24th
60 YEARS AGO Bobby graduates from Dothan High School in Dothan, Alabama, in 1959. 55 YEARS AGO “See the Funny Little Clown” hits #9 Pop & #3 MOR in Billboard on March 14, 1964. Bobby joins Rolling Stones’ first U.S. tour beginning in San Bernardino, CA, June 5, 1964. 50 YEARS AGO Bobby’s “Muddy Mississippi Line” hits #1 on the country charts in Canada in 1969. 45 YEARS AGO Bobby records “Hello Summertime” based on his Coca-Cola commercial in 1974. 25 YEARS AGO Bobby attends the final taping of CBS TV’s “Evening Shade” starring Burt Reynolds on April 5, 1994.  Bobby performed the award-winning theme song live for the studio audience. 15 YEARS AGO Bobby’s recent return to live performing includes being the very first performer at the newly- opened Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, on May 1, 2004, and a return to his hometown of Dothan, Alabama, on November 19, 2004. 10 YEARS AGO Bobby holds art shows in Naples, Florida, in 2009, and a private concert in Pikeville, Kentucky on New Year’s Eve, 2009.   5 YEARS AGO Bobby’s public art shows in 2014 included auction of a special martini glass in Naples, FL.
TWO FILM SOUNDTRACK SONGS ADDED FOR DOWNLOAD BY BOBBY’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE Recently added to www.BobbyGoldsboro.com for download purchase: “For a Little While” - Written and sung by Bobby as the closing theme of the 1976 Burt Reynolds movie, “Gator.”  Reynolds called this the greatest song he had ever heard. “These Are the Best Times” - Written by Shane Tatum (comedienne Phyllis Diller’s stepson), Bobby sang this opening song from the 1974 Walt Disney movie, “Superdad.”  It become an instant favorite at weddings. Click on the icons at left to order directly from the official website.
YOUTUBE FEATURES FIVE  COMPLETE LPs TO STREAM Along with countless audio and video clips submitted by private users, YouTube offers five complete albums from Bobby’s days at United Artists Records for free streaming.  The service also has a few compilation albums of various other officially licensed Bobby Goldsboro songs in their library.
John Rainey Adkins (left), with Bobby Goldsboro in an early publicity photo for The Webs, circa 1959.
BRIEF CLIP OF BOBBY GOLDSBORO ON MLB NETWORK’S “BENCH” SPECIAL On January 30th, the MLB Network premiered “BENCH,” their 90- minute special celebrating the life and baseball career of Hall of Fame Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench.  In a segment highlighting Johnny’s many forays into the popular entertainment industry, a very short clip (without audio) of Bobby’s guest appearance on “THE JOHNNY BENCH MVP SHOW” from the early 1970’s is shown.
REDS’ ANNOUNCER MENTIONS BOBBY The May 24th baseball game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs featured a humorous mention of Bobby Goldsboro.  Reds’ local television announcer Thom Brennaman, son of Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman, spotted the T-shirts of two visiting Reds fans at Chicago’s Wrigley Field.  He commented on one, a 1990 World Series shirt, then jokingly asked, “What is that, Bobby Goldsboro on the other one?!” The fan was wearing a shirt honoring Thom’s father Marty, shown wearing big 1970’s hair & sunglasses.
JIM PIKE  (November 6, 1936 - June 9, 2019) Singer and Founding Member of The Lettermen Appeared on “The Bobby Goldsboro Show” in 1973-74 season
DR. JOHN  Born Malcolm Rebbenack, Jr. (November 20, 1941 - June 6, 2019) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member 6-time Grammy Award Winner Sang Bobby Goldsboro’s “Evening Shade” TV theme song on the first four episodes of 1992-93 season
GERRY McGEE (November 17, 1937 - October 12, 2019) Lead Guitarist, The Ventures (1968-72, 1985-2017) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member Played Bobby Goldsboro’s “Muddy Mississippi Line” on The Ventures’ 1969 album, “Swamp Rock”
RECENT UK COMPACT DISC RE-ISSUES FEATURE BOBBY GOLDSBORO Three new releases in the UK include: “BOBBY GOLDSBORO - WITH PEN IN HAND - The Definitive Hits Collection” released May 17, 2019.  The two-CD set includes fifty songs, nine of which had never before appeared on compact disc. Hump Head Records #HUMP217 “DEL REEVES - HITS ON THE BILLBOARD - 1965-1978” released October 25, 2019.  The two-CD set features fifty songs, including two duets with Bobby Goldsboro (“I Just Wasted the Rest” and “Take a Little Good Will Home”) that are new to the compact disc format.  Hump Head Records #HUMP218 “THE VERY BEST OF BOBBY GOLDSBORO” - to be released January 24, 2020.  The two-CD set features twenty-four songs.  No information has yet been provided regarding song titles or whether they are original recordings.  Not Now Records #NOT2CD768
REGGIE YOUNG  (December 12, 1936 - January 17, 2019) Considered “the world’s most recorded guitarist” Played on Bobby Goldsboro recordings including lead guitar on “I Believe the South is Gonna Rise Again”