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CHAD STUART Born David Stuart Chadwick (December 10, 1941 – December 20, 2020) Part of singing duo Chad and Jeremy Toured with Bobby Goldsboro in mid-1960’s on The Gene Pitney Show Recorded Bobby’s songs: “If You’ve Got a Heart” “If She Was Mine” and “When Your Love Has Gone”
K.T. OSLIN Born Kay Toinette Oslin (May 15, 1942 – December 21, 2020) Singer/Songwriter Appeared on 1994 episode of Burt Reynolds’ CBS-TV series “Evening Shade” singing songs written by Bobby Goldsboro
GERRY MARSDEN MBE (September 24, 1942 – January 3, 2021) Leader of Gerry and the Pacemakers group Toured England with Bobby Goldsboro and Roy Orbison, the Beatles and others in 1963
January 9, 1971:  “Watching Scotty Grow” jumps from the Number 7 position the previous week to knock “One Less Bell to Answer” by the 5th Dimension out of the top spot on Billboard’s Easy Listening chart.  B.J. Thomas, Dionne Warwick, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, Lynn Anderson, Tom Jones, Ray Price and George Harrison round out the Top 10. “Watching Scotty Grow” would go on to spend six weeks in the #1 spot, and become Billboard magazine’s top Easy Listening / Soft Rock hit for the entire year of 1971. It peaked at #11 in the Top 100 and at #7 on the Country charts.
No known programs with Bobby Goldsboro are currently scheduled to air.  Consult local listings for channels such as Antenna TV, RFD-TV, getTV, Circle TV and others for possible reruns of programs in which Bobby appeared.  His childrens’ series,“The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon,”airs on TBN Smile of a Child & TCT Kids.
Bobby Goldsboro appears in countless videos on YouTube. A popular category of videos is “music reactions,” where creators film themselves listening to a song for the first time and comment.  A sampling is shown here.
HONEY India Reacts 10/25/2019 “He said, ‘I’m still bein’ good” and I giggled… like if I died, I would want to know, are you still bein’ good?!”
HONEY Beats of the Heart, Lyrics of the Soul 2/8/2020
HONEY Trippy Hippie 8/10/2020 “She came running inside and fell, dude, I’m sorry, that’s just funny stuff!” “This is really great, man, this is really good…this is very nice” “Wait, hold up, now…oh man, this is dark, that’s sad” “(Wipes tear and clears throat) Okay, that was wild, man” “It was a beautiful song, but at the same time just very sad”
WITH PEN IN HAND Sincerely, K.S.O. 1/3/2021 Battle of Bobby Goldsboro and Vikki Carr versions “Well, she hasn’t signed it yet, so let’s look on the brighter side…I’m trying not to cry…Guitar intro was great…He said, ‘Can you take good care of Johnny?’ and Vikki said, ‘Can you take good care of Jenny?’ -- I liked how they did that.”
“It is filled with emotion” “The man…remembers all the great times he had with his Honey” “The singer does a good job” “I can actually feel what the artist is trying to portray”
HONEY Enoma 2/22/2020 “Wow! This is a great listen…this was beautiful…when it comes to topics like this, all humans are alike no matter which part we are (from) they would all be connecting to this song equally…I like every line of this song…I like the way it is all described by him…nice, well-sung, beautiful voice…it’s as simple as it could be, and it’s as innocent as it could be, and to listen to it was a delight. I enjoyed every bit of it…these days we don’t have such things.
The 1984 TV special, “Scrooge’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas,” featuring Bobby singing a rock version of “Winter Wonderland” is now available to watch free on Tubi, a streaming service and website. The April 3, 1978 episode of “The Jim Nabors Show” featuring Bobby singing “Guitar Charlie Watson” is now available free on IMDb TV streaming service and for purchase on Amazon.
DON MILLER (January 11, 2021 at age 80) Founding member of The Vogues Member of Vocal Group Hall of Fame Hits included “You’re the One” and “Five O’Clock World” Toured with Bobby Goldsboro, including in Vincennes, Indiana in Spring 1966
50 YEARS AGO FEBRUARY 4, 1971: BOBBY GOLDSBORO AND BAND ON AIRPLANE HIJACKED TO CUBA MIAMI, Feb. 4 (UPI)—A man who said he was carrying explosives hijacked a jetliner today carrying 27 persons and got out in Havana with a cheery “Right on, baby.” “Sorry to inconvenience you,” the hijacker said as he left the plane, “but this will give you a chance to see Cuba.” The Delta Airlines DC9, carrying 23 passengers and four crewmen, was commandeered shortly after leaving Chicago this morning, bound for Nashville, Tenn. It flew directly to Cuba and returned to Miami shortly after 4:30 P.M. Among the passengers were the singer, Bobby Goldsboro, and his musicians. Mr. Goldsboro described the hijacker as a well-dressed Negro who handed the stewardess a note that she passed to the captain, Richard Blizzard of Miami, while the hijacker remained in his seat in the tourist section of the plane.   Bobby’s fascinating account of the adventure will   be posted later, but click here to read the pilot   Dick Blizzard’s memory of the event from Sylvia   Wrigley’s “Fear of Landing” site, including fuel   supply miracle and nitro in turbulence:
Bass guitar player Steve Schaffer, Bobby, and drummer Jan Kurtis arriving in Miami from Havana after their Delta Airlines flight to Nashville was hijacked to Cuba.
JIMMIE RODGERS (September 18, 1933 - January 18, 2021) Singer Best known for #1 hit, “Honeycomb” in 1957 Wrote “It’s Over,” which Bobby Goldsboro recorded.  The track was released only on the 8-track and cassette tape versions of “Word Pictures” in 1968.
With his six year-old son Danny and wife Mary Alice, Bobby finally arriving home to Nashville.
HAL HOLBROOK Born Harold Rowe Holbrook, Jr. (February 17, 1925 - January 23, 2021) Emmy & Tony Award Winning Actor Academy Award Nominee Co-starred in CBS-TV “Evening Shade,” for which Bobby Goldsboro performed the music in Seasons Three and Four
JIM WEATHERLY (March 17, 1943 - February 3, 2021) Songwriters Hall of Fame Wrote “Midnight Train to Georgia,” awarded Grammy Hall of Fame Wrote “Love Has Made a Woman Out of You,” which Bobby Goldsboro recorded on his 1980 self-titled album