Bobby Goldsboro has appeared in several network, cable and local television shows.  Some are listed below:
AMERICAN BANDSTAND, 1960’s-70’s, 3 Episodes 8/21/65 ABC-TV S8,Ep 50 “Voodoo Woman,” “If You Wait For Love” 1/15/66 ABC-TV S9,Ep 19 “If You’ve Got a Heart,” “Voodoo Woman” 3/6/71 ABC-TV S14,Ep27 “Watching Scotty Grow” AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, 2 Episodes 2/19/74, Presenter with Lucie Arnaz 1975, Presenter with Phyllis Diller, and Accepting twice for Charlie Rich AMERICAN SPORTSMAN, 1973, 1 Episode hunting snakes in the Everglades 1973 ABC-TV includes snippet of “I Think I’ve Got It Made” BARBARA MANDRELL AND THE MANDRELL SISTERS, 1981, 1 Episode 5/2/81 NBC-TV S1,Ep19 “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore,” “New World Coming,” “You’ve Got A Friend w/Barbara)”   Rerun 8/8/81 BEYOND REASON, 1979, CBC 3/26/79 CBC-TV Show #43 BILL DANCE OUTDOORS, 1980’s, 1 Episode of cable fishing show including bloopers video THE BOBBIE GENTRY SHOW, 1974, 1 Episode 6/74 CBS-TV THE BOBBY GOLDSBORO SHOW, 1973-75, 78 Episodes BURT REYNOLDS’ LATE SHOW, 1973, 1 Episode CHURCH STREET STATION, 1991, 1 Episode of TNN concert series “I’m In Love,” “See The Funny Little Clown,” “It’s Too Late,” “Honey” COUNTRY MUSIC ASSOCIATION AWARDS, 4 Awards specials 1968 “Honey,” and Presenting 1971 Presenting with Sonny James 10/16/72 Presenting with Glen Campbell and Lynn Anderson 10/13/75 Presenting with Mac Davis CROOK & CHASE, 1990’s, Several episodes of TNN interview show 3/21/91 CROSS-WITS 1979, 1 Week of episodes of game show DAN MILLER, 1992, 1 Episode of TNN live interview show THE DAVID FROST SHOW, 1970’s, Several episodes 11/26/71 S4,Ep50 12/14/71 S4,Ep62 DEAN MARTIN CELEBRITY ROAST, 1975, 1 Episode roasting O.J. Simpson With original song about O.J. Simpson THE DEAN MARTIN SHOW, 1973, 1 Episode 2/15/73 NBC-TV “California Wine,” “Medley: Honey/The Straight Life (with Dean)” DEL REEVES COUNTRY CARNIVAL, 1969, 1 Episode “Muddy Mississippi Line,” “Broomstick Cowboy,” “Take A Little Good Will Home (w/Del),” “Our Way Of Life (w/Del)” THE DICK CAVETT SHOW, 1960’s-70’s, Several episodes 7/3/68 S1,Ep88 THE DINAH SHORE SHOW (in various titles), 1970’s, Several episodes Dinah! 2/6/76 S2,Ep99 “Honey,” “Broomstick Cowboy” Dinah! 7/6/76 S2,Ep188 “A Butterfly For Bucky,” verse of “Michael, Row The Boat Ashore”, “Dueling Banjos (w/G.Campbell)” Dinah! 11/1/76 S3,Ep31 .Rerun of 7/6/76 episode Dinah! 4/6/77 S3,Ep134 “Me And The Elephants” Dinah! 2/9/78 S4,Ep101 “He’ll Have To Go” Dinah! 4/26/78 S4,Ep149 Dinah! 11/14/78 S5,Ep42 Dinah! 12/15/78 S5,Ep62 “Mexican Woman” Dinah! 1/2/79 S5,Ep70 “Strange Old William” Dinah! 5/4/79 S5,Ep152 “Mexican Woman” Dinah! 6/30/80 S6,Ep185 “Goodbye Marie” Dinah! 8/19/80 S6,Ep210 “Goodbye Marie” DOLLY!, 1976, 1 Episode 12/4/76 Synd S1,Ep117 “Watching Scotty Grow,” “A Butterfly For Bucky,” “Proud Mary (w/Dolly),” “Let It Be Me (w/Dolly)” DONAHUE, 1970’s, Daytime talk show 1973 “Watching Scotty Grow” 4/18/75 THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, 1970, 1 Episode 2/8/70 CBS-TV S22,Ep20 “Everybody’s Talkin’,” “Can You Feel It”  Rerun 6/21/70 EVENING SHADE, 1992-94, Two seasons of theme song and music, one onscreen appearance as guitarist FANDANGO, 1993, 2 Episodes of TNN game show THE GLEN CAMPBELL GOODTIME HOUR, 1969-71, 2 Episodes 3/5/69 CBS-TV S1,Ep6 “Honey,” “Talk Talk Talk (duet with Glen)” 3/28/71 CBS-TV S3,Ep25 “Watching Scotty Grow,” “Medley: Honey/I’m A Drifter/The Straight Life (with Glen)” GRAMMY AWARDS, 1969, TV Special 5/5/69 NBC-TV “Honey” HAPPY HOLIDAYS WITH BOBBY GOLDSBORO, 1989, TNN Special HARLEN & MERLEEN, 1993, Music, including theme song, for two-part pilot show HEE HAW, 1970’s, 3 Episodes 1/29/72 S3,Ep17 “I’m A Drifter,” “Muddy Mississippi Line” 10/19/76 Synd S8,Ep5 “Muddy Mississippi Line,” “A Butterfly For Bucky” 10/7/78 Synd S11,Ep4 “The Cowboy And The Lady,” “Guitar Charlie Watson” HOLLYWOOD A GO-GO, 1965, 2 Episodes 3/27/65 Synd S1,Ep14 “See The Funny Little Clown” THE HOLLYWOOD PALACE, 1968-70, 2 Episodes 9/28/68 ABC-TV S6,Ep1 “Medley: Honey (snippet)/The Straight Life,” “Medley: Nashville Cats/Gentle On My  Mind/Little Green Apples/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Hold Me Tight (with Bing Crosby and Jeannie C. Riley)” 1/31/70 ABC-TV S7,Ep16 “Proud Mary,” “Everybody’s Talkin’” THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, 1973, 3 Weeks of episodes 1/8/73-1/12/73 NBC-TV S7,Ep35 3/5/73-3/11/73 NBC-TV S7,Ep52 10/1/73-10/7/73 NBC-TV S8,Ep9 THE HOME SHOW, 1992, 1 Episode 1992 ABC-TV “When You’re All Alone” HULLABALOO!, 1960’s, Several episodes 2/23/65 NBC-TV S1,Ep7 “Little Things” 3/21/66 NBC-TV S2,Ep27 “It’s Too Late,” “A Young Man’s Fancy (snippet in medley w/ Serendipity Singers & Linda Bennett)” IT’S HAPPENING, 1968, 1 Episode 7/31/68 ABC-TV S1,Ep13 “Autumn Of My Life” THE JIM NABORS HOUR, 1971, 1 Show 1/28/71 CBS-TV S2,Ep19#45 “Watching Scotty Grow” THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW, 1960’s, Several episodes 8/29/67 ABC-TV S1,Ep96 5/30/68 ABC-TV S2,Ep180 “Honey,” “Broomstick Cowboy” 3/5/69 ABC-TV S3,Ep130 THE JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW, 1980, Several episodes, including one week as co-host 8/7/80 S1,Ep29 “Goodbye Marie” Co-host 8/18/80-08/22/80 S1,Eps36-40 THE JOHNNY BENCH MVP SHOW, 1970’s, Local Cincinnati area show THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW, 1970, 1 Episode 4/15/70 ABC-TV S1,Ep28 “Can You Feel It,” “With Pen In Hand” KRAFT MUSIC HALL, 1968-69, Several episodes including CMA AWARDS 11/20/68 NBC-TV S11,Ep8 “Honey,” CMA award presentation 8/20/69 NBC-TV S11,Ep38 “Little Green Apples,” “I’m A Drifter,” “Country Boy (duet with Don Ho)” 10/15/69 NBC-TV S12,Ep5 CMA award presentation LARRY KANE SHOW, 1960’s-1970’s, Several episodes of local music show (JIMMY DURANTE PRESENTS) THE LENNON SISTERS SHOW, 1969-70, 3 Episodes 5/6/69 ABC-TV S1,Ep0 “Honey,” “Little Green Apples (w/Lennon Sisters),” “San Francisco Bay Blues (w/Hines brothers)” 10/17/69 ABC-TV S1,Ep4 “The Straight Life,” “Muddy Mississippi Line” 3/21/70 ABC-TV “Can You Feel It,” “Rainy Night in Rio (duet)” THE LESLIE UGGAMS SHOW, 1969, 1 Episode 11/23/69 S1,Ep8 CBS-TV “Medley: With Pen In Hand/It’s Too Late/I’m A Drifter,” “Little Things (duet with Leslie)” THE MAN FROM LEFT FIELD, 1994, Music for Burt Reynolds/Reba McEntire TV movie “Look at That Face,” “Each Time I Look into Your Eyes” MARVIN HAMLISCH PRESENTS THE WAY WE WERE, 2010, PBS Special “Watching Scotty Grow”  Not aired but on related CD/DVD: “Summer (The First Time)” MDA TELETHON, 1971, TV telethon “Watching Scotty Grow” THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW (in various titles), 1960’s-70’s, Several episodes 7/1/68 S5,Ep215 4/24/72 S9,Ep138 “California Wine” 2/23/77 S14,Ep112 4/11/78 S15,Ep148 10/19/78 S16,Ep34 THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW, 1960’s-70’s, Several episodes including several weeks as co-host 9/4/68 S7,Ep253 9/13/68 S8,Ep5 11/28/68 S8,Ep59 6/3/69 S8,Ep192 8/7/69 S8,Ep229 8/14/69 S8,Ep234 1/5/70-1/9/70 S9,Ep91 Co-host  “Everybody’s Talkin’,” “Little Green Apples (w/Mike)” 4/10/70 S9,Ep160 7/15/70 S9,Ep228 8/5/70 12/4/70 S10,Ep65 4/19/71-4/23/71 S10,Ep156 Co-host 6/9/71 S10Ep193 “And I Love You So” 8/2/71-8/6/71 S10Ep231 Co-host 10/27/71 S11Ep43 3/27/72-3/31/72 S11Ep151 1/25/74 S12Ep105 9/1/75-9/5/75 S14Ep1 Co-host 11/15/77 S16Ep52 10/24/78 S17Ep25 1/9/79 S17Ep70 2/23/79 S17Ep98 1/7/80-1/11/80 S18Ep78 Co-host MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, 1973, Appeared in TV booth during game MUSIC HALL AMERICA, 1976, Rerun 4/16-17/1977, 1 Episode as guest host “Muddy Mississippi Line,” Greatest hits medley NASHVILLE NOW, 1980’s-90’s, Several episodes of TNN series 2/2/90 TNN Live satellite feed from Church Street Station, Orlando, FL 3/2/90 w/Travis Tritt, George Fox, Billy Parker and Minnie Pearl.  “Long Legged Woman,” “I Hung the Moon,” “Honey” 1/18/91 Bobby’s 50th Birthday show with his parents and wife.  “Love is Texas,” “Say It With Music,” “I Believe We’ll Be Believing In Love” 3/92 “Stand By Me,” “Easter Egg Mornin’,” “A Song For Children” NASHVILLE ON THE ROAD, 1982, 1 Episode “Honey” and “Goodbye Marie” from Hawaii ON STAGE, 1991, 1 Episode of TNN concert series “Paradise in San Antone,” “Little Things, “Little Green Apples,” “I Can’t Help It,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “I’m A Drifter” ORAL ROBERTS SPECIAL, 1971, 1 TV Special “And I Love You So,” Verse of “Amazing Grace” in finale THE PETER MARTIN SHOW, 1968, 1 Episode 4/27/68 Synd Ep19 POP! GOES THE COUNTRY, 1980, 1 Episode 9/13/80 Synd S7,Ep2#158 “Goodbye Marie,” “Green Eyed Woman, Nashville, Blues,” “I Love (duet with Tom T. Hall)” QVC, 1997, Promoting “Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon” merchandise READY STEADY GO!, 1960’s, Several episodes 6/25/65 S2,Ep43#99  “Voodoo Woman” 10/28/66 S4,Ep9#169 THE REAL TOM KENNEDY SHOW, 1970, 1 Episode SCROOGE’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CHRISTMAS, 1984, 1 TV Special “Winter Wonderland” SHINDIG, 1960’s, Several episodes 3/24/65 ABC-TV S1,Ep28 “Little Things” 8/11/65 ABC-TV S1,Ep48 “Voodoo Woman,” “If You’ve Got A Heart,” “I Go Ape (except with Donna Loren)” THE SHIRLEY BASSEY SHOW, 1976, 1 Episode of UK TV series “Honey,” “Summer (The First Time),” “A Butterfly For Bucky” SHIVAREE, 1965, 1 Episode 4/3/65 ABC-TV S1,Ep10 “Little Things” SHOWCASE ‘68, 1968, 1 Episode 6/18/68 NBC-TV S1,Ep2 “Honey” SOLID GOLD, 1980-82, Three episodes including one as co-host 12/6/80 S1,Ep13 Co-host, “Goodbye Marie,” “Watching Scotty Grow (duet with Dionne Warwick with their children’s   names)” 5/1/81 “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore” 8/82 “It’s Too Late” STAND UP AND CHEER, 1971, 1 Episode 9/27/71 CBS-TV Ep3, Rerun 5/22/72 Ep34 SWINGIN’ COUNTRY, 1966, 2 Episodes 8/9/66 NBC-TV 8/10/66 NBC-TV SWINGIN’ TIME - 1960’s, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, Local Show - “Little Things” TATTLETALES, 1970’s, 1 Week of episodes with wife Mary Alice TIME LIFE PRESENTS POP MEMORIES OF THE 60’S, 2009, Co-hosted infomercial THIS IS TOM JONES, 1969, 1 Episode 4/11/69 ABC-TV S1,Ep11 “I’m A Drifter,” “Sea Of Heartbreak (duet with Tom)” THIS IS YOUR LIFE, 1970’s, 1 Episode honoring Johnny Bench THE TOMMY HUNTER SHOW, 1970’s, 1 Episode, Canadian TV series THE TONIGHT SHOW, 1968-1979, Several episodes THE TONI TENNILLE SHOW, 1981, 1 Episode of daytime talk show TOP OF THE POPS, 1970’s, Several episodes of UK TV series 8/8/1974 “Hello Summertime” 7/15/1976 “A Butterfly For Bucky” TRAVELIN’, 1973, 1 Episode hosted by Roger Miller 8/19/73 ABC-TV UPBEAT, 1960s-70s, Several episodes of local Ohio TV music show 11/7/64 Ep13 11/20/65 Ep67, 1/15/66 Ep75, 3/5/66 Ep82 Co-host, 3/26/66 Ep85, 7/2/66 Ep99, 11/19/66 Ep119, 11/26/66 Ep120, 12/17/66 Ep123, 2/18/67 Ep132, 3/18/67 Ep136, 4/29/67 Ep142, 4/19/67 Ep158, 12/2/67 Ep173, 1/13/68 Ep179, 3/9/68 Ep187, 6/29/68 Ep203, 8/10/68 Ep209, 10/5/68 Ep217 “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, 11/16/68 Ep223 “With Pen In Hand”, 12/21/68 Ep228 “The Straight Life”, 1/4/69 Ep230/#6901 “Honey”, 2/1/69 Ep234/#6905 “I Am A Rock”, 3/8/69 Ep239/#6910 “Glad She’s A Woman”, 4/5/69 Ep243/#6914 “I’m A Drifter”, 5/10/69 Ep248/#6919 “I’m A Drifter”, 6/14/69 Ep253/#6924, 8/2/69 Ep260/#6931 “I’m A Drifter”, 9/6/69 Ep265/#6936 Co-host “Muddy Mississippi Line”, 10/4/69 Ep269/#6940, 10/18/69 Ep271/#6942 “Muddy Mississippi Line”, 11/29/69 Ep277/#3948 Co-host “Mornin’, Mornin’,” “The World I Used To Know”, 1/24/70 Ep285/#7004, 3/28/70 Ep294/#7013 Co-host, 4/18/70 Ep297/#7016, 5/16/70 Ep301/#7020 “Proud Mary”, 7/11/701 Ep309, 9/26/70 Ep320, 10/3/70 Ep321, 12/5/70 Ep330 WHAS CRUSADE FOR CHILDREN, 1991, Local Louisville, Kentucky TV telethon 6/1/91 Live “Watching Scotty Grow,” “A Song For Children,” “Honey,” “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” “I’m A Drifter,” “Kids Are People Too” WHERE THE ACTION IS, 1960’s, Several episodes 9/2/65 ABC-TV S1,Ep49 “Voodoo Woman,” “If You Wait For Love” 9/8/65 ABC-TV S1,Ep53 “See the Funny Little Clown,” “Little Things” 5/20/66 ABC-TV S2,Ep179 “It’s Too Late,” “Voodoo Woman” 6/16/66 ABC-TV S2,Ep198 “It’s Too Late” WIND IN THE WIRE, 1993, Music for Randy Travis TV movie