SIDE ONE 1.  ALL THE WOMAN I’VE WANTED (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:49) 2.  I BELIEVE THE SOUTH IS GONNA RISE AGAIN (Bobby Braddock) (2:59) 3.  REUNION (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:40) 4.  KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:01) 5.  CUDDLE UP (Dennis Wilson/Darryl Dragon) (4:16) SIDE TWO 1.  YOU PULL ME DOWN (INTO SWEET, SWEET LOVE) (Bobby Goldsboro)           (2:50) 2.  BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (Kenny O’Dell) (2:51) 3.  AND THEN THERE WAS GINA (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:50) 4.  QUICKSAND (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:18) 5.  HELLO SUMMERTIME (Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway/Bill Backer/Billy Davis)           (2:26)
1975 United Artists Records UA-LA424-G
“I Believe the South is Gonna Rise Again” Single (UA-XW422-W) Top Position:  #62 Country Billboard Magazine, April 20, 1974, Page 54, Top Single Picks, Country, Recommended “Hello Summertime” Single (UA-XW529-W) Top Position:  #8 Easy Listening, #79 Country Billboard Magazine, August 24, 1974, Page 50, Top Single Picks, Pop, Recommended “And Then There Was Gina” Single (UA-XW633-X) Top Position:  #15 Easy Listening Billboard Magazine, April 12, 1975, Page 86, Top Single Picks, Pop, Recommended
Available on Compact Disc: “I Believe the South is Gonna Rise Again,” “Reunion,” “Behind Closed Doors,” “And Then There Was Gina,” “Quicksand,” “Hello Summertime” Available on Tape: 8-Track and cassette Available on Vinyl Singles: “I Believe the South is Gonna Rise Again,” “Reunion,” “You Pull Me Down,” “And Then There Was Gina,” “Quicksand,” “Hello Summertime”
This album was quickly pulled by United Artists Records, and was not fully released in America. The album is considered titled, “Goldsboro” while the tapes and the international versions are titled, “Through the Eyes of a Man.”  Bobby was not consulted regarding the title. “Hello Summertime” began as a commercial jingle for Coca-Cola sung by Bobby.  Radio and television commercials (featuring actors Tim Matheson of “Animal House” and Cindy Williams of “Laverne & Shirley”) were so popular, that the advertisement was re-written into a full song.  Bobby wrote those lyrics, but was uncredited on the single. “Hello Summertime” reached #14 on the pop charts in England. The album featured contributions by guitarist Ray Parker, Jr. (”Ghostbusters” Theme, #1, 1984) and singer Kim Carnes (”Bette Davis Eyes,” #1, 1981)
She’s the sun in my morning And she’s my blanket at night And if the dark night grows colder I just have to hold her And I see the sun in her eyes - “All the Woman I’ve Wanted” Well, hello there I never dreamed I’d find you sitting there Why, isn’t that the table that we used to share? People used to say we made a lovely pair - “Reunion” It’s funny, but if you look you’ll find that kids are color blind when they look at people In their sight, black, yellow and white Are all just shades of grey In their minds we’re all the same and we’re to blame If they should change them - “Kids are People Too”
Sometimes at night, I lie there awake The problems of life are just too hard to take Just when I think I’ve got nowhere to hide That’s when you tug at my side - You Pull Me Down (Into Sweet, Sweet Love) And then there was Gina, with the wind in her hair Her smile was the morning, no one else could compare I’ve known others since Gina, quite a few I recall But the memories of Gina are the fondest of all - “And Then There Was Gina” I’m no longer free, girl, I’m at your command You took my soul when you took my hand Then you turned me around You pulled me down Like quicksand - “Quicksand”
WITH PEN IN HAND - The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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