Bobby Goldsboro has appeared on several episodes of “The Tonight Show,”  including those listed below.
From left:  Doc Severinsen, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon
MAY 9, 1968 With Gig Young, Godfrey Cambridge, Mark Traynor, Johnny Mercer, Sam Lerenson MAY 31, 1971 With Burt Reynolds (Guest Host), Patti Austin, Doug McClure, Don Meredith, Stella Stevens JUNE 25, 1971 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Dom Deluise, Jackie Kahane, Betty Walker JULY 29, 1971 With David Brenner, Claudia Cardinale, Chong Jones Symingtan AUGUST 30, 1971 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Albert Almoznino, Aliza Kashi, George Kaye, Lee Meredith OCTOBER 6, 1971* With Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, Fifi D’Orsey DECEMBER 17, 1971* With George Carlin, Dr. Paul Ehrlich JANUARY 31, 1972 With Burt Reynolds (Guest Host), Helen Gurley Brown, Howard Cosell, Karen Valentine, Margaret Whiting MARCH 9, 1972 With Bob Hope, Shecky Greene, Desmond Morris, Bryan Sheffield APRIL 28, 1972 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Julie Budd, Hugh O’Brian, Dr. Neil Solomon, Allan Drake Songs:  “California Wine,” “Love the One You’re With” Interview:  Oshkosh, WI fight story JULY 11, 1972 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Jack Klugman, Harris Nelson, Rose Marie, Stanley Myron Handelman AUGUST 7, 1972* (Presumably rerun of July 11th episode) With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Jack Klugman, Carol Wayne, Rose Marie Songs:  “Childhood-1949,” “A Song for Children” NOVEMBER 14, 1972 With Phyllis Newman, Bob & Ray, Ashley Montagu Song: “Fever” Interview:  “American Sportsman” snake hunting JANUARY 23, 1973 With Joan Rivers, George Maharis, Joan Embery Song:  “Take it Easy” Interview:  Travel, fan mail, Minnesota hotel fire MARCH 7, 1973 With Euell Gibbons, Jerzy Kosinski, Ronnie Graham Song:  “Brand New Kind of Love” Interview:  History of accidents AUGUST 23, 1973 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), Charlton Heston, Gina Lollobrigida, Joel & Lynn Rapp Songs:  “Summer (The First Time),” “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore” FEBRUARY 7, 1974 With Jonathan Winters, Franklin Ajaye, James Jennings Songs:  “Marlena,” “Been to Canaan” Interview:  Strong winds in Los Angeles, alligators in Florida AUGUST 21, 1975 With Joey Bishop (Guest Host), William Demarest, Victor Buono, Suzanne Somers Songs:  “I Wrote a Song (Sing Along),” “Reunion” Interview:  Ending “The Bobby Goldsboro Show,” family and home in Nashville, accidents OCTOBER 20, 1975 With Robert Goulet (Guest Host), Phyllis Diller, Victor Buono, Leo Durocher, Shimada Interview:  Frog collection, songwriting, accidents, old movies and sports NOVEMBER 19, 1975 With Ann-Margret, Freddie Prinze, Don Herbert, McLean Stevenson Song:  “With Pen in Hand” Interview:  Changing lyrics for Vikki Carr, stuffed bunny fire,    delivering flowers APRIL 6, 1976 With Suzanne Pleshette, Carl Sagan, Louise Fletcher Song:  “A Butterfly for Bucky” Interview:  Song, accidents, astrology, farm, suggestions from kids JUNE 3, 1976 With Bob Newhart (Guest Host), Bob Hope, Lorne Greene, Betty White Songs:  “A Butterfly for Bucky,” “A Song for Children” Interview:  “Bucky” song, one night concerts, football injury in college JANUARY 31, 1977 With Don Rickles (Guest Host), Jack Klugman, Billy Fellows, Dwight Stones Song:  “Me and the Elephants” Interview:  Children, animals on farm, rescuing owls from fallen tree MARCH 7, 1977 With Steve Allen (Guest Host), Arte & Gisela Johnson, Victor Buono, Ed Fiala, Ted Holum, Linda Hopkins Songs:  “Me and the Elephants,” “Mary Lou (Has Finally Made it to Broadway)” Interview:  Chairman of National Vision Week JULY 13, 1977 With Buddy Hackett, Paula Prentiss, Jim Dannaldson Songs:  “I Love Music,” “The Cowboy and the Lady” Interview:  Stage injuries FEBRUARY 14, 1978 With Earl Holliman, Steve Landesberg, Bridget Boland Songs:  “Guitar Charlie Watson,” “The Good Ol’ Days” Interview:  Moustache, accidents, ranch, “American Sportsman” DECEMBER 6, 1978 With Bill Cosby (Guest Host), Richard Pryor, Carol Lawrence, Dr. Michael Fox Songs:  “Rock and Roll Madness,” “Strange Old William” (interrupted) Interview:  Frog and cricket noises, Nashville home, eating NOVEMBER 26, 1979 With Bill Cosby (Guest Host), Susan Saint James, Gallagher, Jed Allan, Rockie Robbins Songs:  “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody,” “The Staring Out the Window at Myself Looking Back Inside at Me Blues” Interview:  Baseball, leaky lake, Richard Pryor * = Per, not verified by Johnny Carson website or known recordings.
JOHNNY CARSON SHOWS AIRING ON ANTENNA TV STARTING 1/1/2016 Antenna TV is airing full "Tonight Show" episodes every night at 11:30pm Eastern and 8:30pm Pacific with a second run airing 4 or 4 1/2 hours later.  Ninety-minute episodes air on weekends.  Antenna runs episodes that aired from 1972 through the end of Carson’s 30-year reign in 1992.  Because NBC owns the rights to “The Tonight Show” name, Antenna TV’s episodes are titled simply “Johnny Carson.”  To save royalty money, Antenna rarely shows any episodes with musical performances, so Bobby Goldsboro’s many guest star appearances are not expected to be rerun.