1964 United Artists Records UAS 6358 (stereo) / UAL 3358 (mono)
 SIDE ONE  1.  SEE THE FUNNY LITTLE CLOWN (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:35)  2.  HI LILI, HI LO (Bronislau Kaper/Helen Deutsch) (2:10)  3.  GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) (2:07)  4.  HELLO LOSER (Arthur Altman) (1:40)  5.  HE SITS AT MY TABLE (Chip Taylor) (2:24)  6.  ROSES ARE RED (MY LOVE) (Al Byron/Paul Evans) (2:59)  SIDE TWO   1.  WHENEVER HE HOLDS YOU (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:12)  2.  WHY DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND (Joe Henderson/Jack Fishman) (2:25)  3.  TOO YOUNG (Sidney Lippman/Sylvia Dee) (2:12)  4.  CRY ME A RIVER (Arthur Hamilton) (2:04)  5.  IT’S ALL IN THE GAME (General Charles Dawes/Carl Sigman) (2:59)  6.  THE END OF THE WORLD (Sylvia Dee/Arthur Kent) (2:23)
"The Bobby Goldsboro Album" Billboard magazine, May 23, 1964, Page 48 Album Reviews, Pop Spotlight Bobby currently has a hit single, “Whenever He Holds You,” riding high on the chart.  The tune is also included in this album of teen-oriented ballads, Bobby’s first.  Bobby sings in his whispery-soft style, backed with strings and woodwinds, a combination of standards, new tunes and two of his own compositions. “See the Funny Little Clown” Single (UA 672) Top Position:  #3 Easy Listening, #9 Pop Billboard magazine, November 30, 1963, Page 19 Singles Reviews, Spotlight Winners of the Week, Pop Great weeper material here from this lad.  Side has soft, pathos quality which builds a touching message.  The flip is “Hello Loser.” “Whenever He Holds You” Single (UA 710) Top Position:  #13 Easy Listening, #39 Pop Billboard magazine, April 4, 1964, Page 6 Late Single Spotlights Soft, plaintive ballad in the “Clown” tradition.  Flip:  “If She Was Mine.” “Why Don’t They Understand” Billboard magazine, May 16, 1964, Page 36 Singles Reviews, Track Records A selection of the best tracks not released as singles  from the hottest LP Spotlights Hot Pop From LP:  “The Bobby Goldsboro Album”
Re-Issues:  All tracks except “See the Funny Little Clown” and “Why Don’t They Understand” were re-released as the LP, “Best of Bobby Goldsboro,” on Liberty Records (LN 10114) in 1981.  Also on 8-track & cassette tape. Available on Compact Disc: "See the Funny Little Clown," “Hello Loser,” “Roses are Red (My Love),” “Whenever He Holds You” Available on Tape: Unknown Available on Vinyl Singles: "See the Funny Little Clown,” “Hello Loser,” “Whenever He Holds You” Notable Cover Versions: “See the Funny Little Clown” was recorded by actress Julie Andrews, and “Whenever (S)he Holds You” was a pop hit for actress Patty Duke in 1966. Television: "See the Funny Little Clown" was featured on an episode of the "Supernatural" series on The CW network.  A portion of the song played during the show's Season 7, Episode #5 entitled, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," which aired first on October 21, 2011, and reran on June 29, 2012.
Back Cover Notes ...The likable youngster zoomed into public recognition with a tender ballad early in 1964 -- a beautiful composition of his own entitled, “See the Funny Little Clown” -- and everyone in show business has been convinced via his unique stylings and his distinctive delivery that Goldsboro is here to stay at the top for a long, long time. ...”THE BOBBY GOLDSBORO ALBUM” is the first of what is certain to be a long and best-selling series of albums for this superb new young star.
Some United Artists Records promotional advertisements use the title, “Introducing Bobby Goldsboro.” Bobby’s January 18th birthday is mistakenly listed as January 15th on the back cover.
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
See the funny little clown, he’s hiding behind a smile They all think he’s laughing, but I know he’s really crying all the while How his heart is aching, how his heart is breaking, on the inside But he keeps laughing on the outside - “See the Funny Little Clown” Take your little heart, tear it all apart Make the teardrops fall from your eyes And you’ll know how I feel when he holds you, whenever he holds you - "Whenever He Holds You"
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