SIDE ONE    1.  ONLY YESTERDAY (Bobby Goldsboro) (1:33)  2.  LOST (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:32)  3.  I WILL GIVE YOU MY LOVE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:09)  4.  BARBARA ANN (I FEEL SO BLUE TODAY) (Bobby Goldsboro) (1:41)  5.  BLUE FEELING (1:34)  SIDE TWO  1.  SAD LOVE (Bobby Goldsboro) (1:39)  2.  CRICKET & FROG (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:01)  3.  BLUE SKIES (instrumental) (Irving Berlin) (2:05)  4.  WHY MUST I BE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:23)  5.  DIZZY BOY (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:25)
1978 Las Posas Records 110 Album Concepts ACR-4020
This very rare album is a compilation of The Webs singles on Heart Records from the early 1960’s, along with other previously unreleased recordings. The cover photo is not of Bobby Goldsboro or the Webs. “I Will Give You My Love” is an alternate version of “I’ll Give You My Love,” which appears on some other “various artists” compilations. “Blue Feeling” has no songwriter credited on the album cover.
Re-Issues:  None Available on Compact Disc: “Dizzy Boy,” “Lost” Available on Tape: Unknown Available on Vinyl Singles: “Lost,” “Blue Skies,” “Why Must I Be,” “Dizzy Boy”
WITH PEN IN HAND - The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
Only yesterday, seems like a thousand years Only yesterday, there were no doubts, no tears But today my world is ending, that’s the price I had to pay For giving you my love, yesterday - “Only Yesterday” Until the earth leaves the sky ‘Til the roses turn pale and die ‘Til the sun is no more up above I will give you my love - “I Will Give You My Love”
Hey man, you got a cricket in your ear! - Huh? I say you got a cricket in your ear! - Huh? You got a cricket in your ear! - I can’t hear you, man, I got a cricket in my ear - “Lost (Cricket in my Ear)”
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