SIDE ONE 1.  GOODBYE MARIE (Mel McDaniel/Dennis Linde) (2:58) 2.  LOVE AIN’T NEVER HURT NOBODY (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:16) 3.  LET THE LITTLE BIRD FLY (Buddy Killen/Curly Putman) (3:34) 4.  JUST THE WAY MERLE TRAVIS USED TO PLAY (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:12) 5.  ME AND YOU (Steve Gibb) (3:55) SIDE TWO 1.  ALICE DOESN’T LOVE HERE ANYMORE (Bobby Goldsboro) (4:00) 2.  WINGS OF AN EAGLE (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:01) 3.  I GOT A THING ABOUT YOU BABY (Tony Joe White) (2:27) 4.  LOVE HAS MADE A WOMAN OUT OF YOU (Jim Weatherly) (2:56) 5.  GREEN EYED WOMAN, NASHVILLE, BLUES (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:03)
1980 Curb Records JZ 36822
“Bobby Goldsboro” Album Top Position:  #54 Country Billboard Magazine, November 1, 1980, page 88, Top Album Picks, Recommended LPs, Country Goldsboro doesn’t look as if he’s aged a single day on the covers of his latest album (his first in a while)--and he doesn’t sound as if he’s aged vocally, either.  His distinctive vocal timbre gets a solid punch from Larry Butler’s percussion-strong tracks.  Goldsboro comes across best on the more country oriented numbers, such as “Goodbye Marie,” though the package leans more toward an A/C format.  Goldsboro does a highly effective job with Steve Gibb’s lovely “Me and You.”  Best cuts:  Those cited, plus “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore.” “Goodbye Marie” Single (ZS9 5400) Top Position:  #17 Country, #19 Easy Listening Billboard Magazine, October 11, 1980, page 75, Top Single Picks, Country, Recommended A brisk uptempo number gives Goldsboro a refreshing change of pace in his career.  Strings, guitars, jivy keyboards and juicy percussion propel Larry Butler’s superb production and Goldsboro’s powerful performance. “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore” Single (ZS6 70052) Top Position:  #20 Country, #34 Easy Listening “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody” Single (ZS6 02117) Top Position:  #19 Country Billboard Magazine, June 20, 1981, Page 78, Top Single Picks, Country This positive accolade to love is a strong followup to “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore.”  Nice keyboard riffs accent this bright number.
Available on Compact Disc: “Goodbye Marie,” “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody,” “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore” Available on Tape: 8-Track and cassette Available on Vinyl Singles: “Goodbye Marie,” “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody,” “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore,” “Wings of an Eagle,” “Love Has Made a Woman out of You,” “Green Eyed Woman, Nashville, Blues” Radio: The guitar intro from “Wings of an Eagle” was used as the theme music for legendary country music radio personality Ralph Emery’s national program
The album was produced in 1980 by Larry Butler, who won a Grammy Award that year for Producer of the Year.  Butler played piano on “Honey” and was Bobby’s band musical director. Bobby wrote “Just the Way Merle Travis Used to Play” to acknowledge the underrated but influential guitar style of Travis, who inspired Chet Atkins.  Bobby joked onstage that if nobody heard his album, Travis still wouldn’t get the recognition that he deserved. Bobby joked that he was a good student in English but wrote “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody” using “poetic license.”  
I heard a lady say that love’s a foolish game She was crying ‘cause her man had gone away But that lady’s only got herself to blame ‘Cause love isn’t something that you play - “Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody” Let me hear that song, let me play along Just the way Merle Travis used to play Let me hear that beat so I can tap my feet Let it take me back to yesterday - “Just the Way Merle Travis Used to Play”
And when the carnival is over, and they all come home together They’ll find this note that she left on the door “If the phone should ring, and someone asks to speak to Alice Just say, Alice doesn’t love here anymore” - “Alice Doesn’t Love Here Anymore” A Greyhound buggy brought me into town Things looked good, I thought I’d stick around But I got caught up in the Nashville sound With a green-eyed woman in a satin gown - “Green Eyed Woman, Nashville, Blues”
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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“I KNOW YOU BETTER THAN THAT” - COMMON BOBBY GOLDSBORO MISCONCEPTION Bobby Goldsboro wrote “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” for the movie of that name. False. The song is titled, “Alice Doesn’t LOVE Here Anymore,” and was released six years after the movie starring Ellen Burstyn.  The song “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie was turned into a 1969 movie.  Bobby has said he initially had another name in his song, but changed it because of the familiar film.