SIDE ONE 1.  THE ROUND-UP SALOON (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:25) 2.  FOOLS (Bobby Goldsboro) (4:28) 3.  THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:32) 4.  MERCI-THANK YOU (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:01) 5.  TENNESSEE, YOU’RE A LADY (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:17) SIDE TWO 1.  LUCY AND THE STRANGER (Bobby Goldsboro) (4:16) 2.  OUT RUN THE SUN (Larry Henley/Billy Burnette) (2:23) 3.  YOU’LL NEVER FIND NOBODY (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:29) 4.  LOVE IS ONLY FOR FOOLS (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:52) 5.  HIT AND RUN LOVER (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:57)
1982 Curb Records FZ 37734
“Round Up Saloon” Album Billboard Magazine, February 27, 1982, page 57 Top Album Picks, Country Produced by Larry Butler.  There’s a wealth of pleasant-to-passionate material on this album, most of which was written by Goldsboro himself.  Butler’s production puts Goldsboro’s mobile voice always at the forefront, a practice usually to be praised.  Occasionally, though, as in “Hit and Run Lover,” the backing is almost too restrained for the mood.  Contained in this collection are the single standouts, “Round Up Saloon” and the grisly, but compelling, “Lucy and the Stranger.”  Best Cuts:  Those cited, plus “Out Run the Sun” and “You’ll Never Find Nobody.” “The Round-Up Saloon” Single (ZS5 02583) Top Position:  #31 Country “Lucy and the Stranger” Single (ZS5 02726) Top Position:  #49 Country Billboard Magazine, February 6, 1982, page 74, Top Single Picks, Country The tale of “Miss Lucy and Big Jim” is a strange one, and by the time the final grave has been dug, the game the two protagonists are playing is grimly obvious.  Oh well, the tracks are pretty, and the chorus is oddly upbeat.
Available on Compact Disc: Entire album released on CD Available on Tape: Cassette Only, Not 8-Track Tape Available on Vinyl Singles: “The Round-Up Saloon,” “Lucy and the Stranger,” “Out Run the Sun”
The album title is spelled “Round Up Saloon” while the single is spelled “The Round-Up Saloon.”  
Friday brings memories of West Texas moons The disco’s gone western, playing good cowboy tunes With thoughts of bronc-bustin’, I pull on my Justin’s And I head for the Round Up Saloon - “The Round-Up Saloon” Fools, we thought that love would be enough But we were fools, ‘cause love could only do so much And now it’s gone, and we’re back on our own For when two people try, then love will stay But love slips away, from fools - “Fools” I lived along the canyons with the peaceful Navajo Prayed that things would stay the way they should I roamed across the prairies with the mighty buffalo Looks like those days are gone for good - “The Spirit of the West” Your hair hangin’ down on your pretty French gown Took me under There wasn’t a sound, then you pulled me down And I saw lightning and I heard thunder - “Merci - Thank You”
I’ve seen the world now, I’ve learned to sing my own song But I still see your face in every town Thought I’d forget you, but now I know I was wrong You’re the closest thing to Heaven that I’ve found - “Tennessee, You’re a Lady” A stranger came to town just a few short days ago Just another faceless drifter with no particular place to go He walked into the bar, bought a beer to cool him down And like so many times before, Miss Lucy came around - “Lucy and the Stranger” When the years have come and gone, and time has left us old I’ll still be there beside you, to keep you from the cold In this world of broken promises, one thing will be true You’ll never find nobody who will love you like I do - “You’ll Never Find Nobody” It’s a foolish game, a game without any rules - “Love is Only for Fools” She loved me like I’d never known Then she left me with a phony number - “Hit and Run Lover”
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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