SIDE ONE 1.  COME BACK HOME (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:58) 2.  AND I LOVE YOU SO (Don McLean) (2:58) 3.  SATURDAYS ONLY (Mike Settle) (3:08) 4.  THROWBACK (Thom Tollerson) (2:55) 5.  A POEM FOR MY LITTLE LADY (Mac Davis) (2:28) 6.  THE GENTLE OF A MAN (Bobby Goldsboro/Dennis Curry) (3:24) SIDE TWO 1.  IT’S UP TO US (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:30) 2.  THE GOLD HILL HOTEL (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:14) 3.  DANNY IS A MIRROR TO ME (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:05) 4.  YOUR SONG (Elton John/Bernie Taupin) (3:32) 5.  THE NEXT GIRL THAT I MARRY (Terry Cashman/Gene Pistilli/Tommy West)           (2:39) 6.  I’LL REMEMBER YOU (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:21)
1971 United Artists Records UAS 5516
Available on Compact Disc: “Come Back Home,” “And I Love You So,” “A Poem for My Little Lady,” “Danny is a Mirror to Me,” “Your Song” Available on Tape: 8-Track, cassette, and reel-to-reel Available on Vinyl Singles: “Come Back Home,” “And I Love You So,” “A Poem for my Little Lady,” “The Gentle of a Man,” “Danny is a Mirror to Me,” “I’ll Remember You” Notable Covers: “Come Back Home” was recorded by Roy Clark
“Come Back Home” Album Top Position:  #142 Pop Billboard Magazine, August 21, 1971, page 33, Album Reviews One of Goldsboro’s best and most commercial packages ever is this strong LP which features his current single, “Come Back Home,” and his recent single of Don McLean’s poignant ballad, “And I Love You So.”  Other strong cuts are Mike Settle’s moving ballad, “Saturdays Only,” and Elton John-Bernie Taupin’s “Your Song.”. “And I Love You So” Single (UA 50776) Top Position:  #8 Easy Listening, #48 Country, #83 Pop Billboard Magazine, April 24, 1971, page 56, Spotlight Singles, Top 60 Spotlight Goldsboro follows his smash “Watching Scotty Grow” with a dynamite folk ballad penned by composer-performer Don McLean.  Exceptional material and performance for Top 40 and Easy Listening. “Come Back Home” Single (UA 50807) Top Position:  #15 Easy Listening, #69 Pop Billboard Magazine, July 10, 1971, page 51, Spotlight Singles, Top 20 Spotlight Goldsboro wrote this moving, gospel flavored ballad, with a potent lyric line, and it should prove the sales potency of another “Honey” for him.  Strong thought that should be heard. “Danny is a Mirror to Me” Single (UA 50846) Top Position:  #34 Easy Listening, #107 Pop Billboard Magazine, October 30, 1971, page 56, Spotlight Singles, Top 60 Pop Spotlight Goldsboro, back much in the ballad bag of “Watching Scotty Grow,” could prove another left-field giant with this moving ballad material. Flip:  “A Poem for my Little Lady” Single Top Position:  #27 Easy Listening
The “Come Back Home” album cover did not list the song titles included -- they were provided inside the gatefold cover.  Some record stores included a handwritten listing taped onto the back cover or slipped inside the plastic wrap. “Danny is a Mirror to Me” was written after Bobby saw his son Danny’s reflection in the child’s bicycle mirror.  The image was so similar to his own at that age that it sparked this song comparing his childhood to that of his son. Environmentalism was a key theme of “Come Back Home,” “Danny is a Mirror to Me,” and “Throwback.”  Religion was referenced in “Come Back Home,” “The Gentle of a Man,” and several others.  Bobby was an altar boy at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Marianna, Florida.  Per the May 6, 1967, issue of Billboard, Bobby was named Catholic Entertainer of the Year. Bobby’s previous album, “We Gotta Start Lovin’,” featured a photograph on the back cover taken at the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City.
WITH PEN IN HAND - The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
Come back home, make the streams flow to the valleys And take away the clouds that hide the sun Come back home, teach each man to love his neighbor And give us one more chance to right the wrong we’ve done If only for the children, come back home - “Come Back Home” There walks a man so brave with a lily in his hand He places it upon the grave of bitterness in man And he turns back all temptation with a kind but forceful hand And I know that I must follow him, this gentle of a man - “The Gentle of a Man”
I lie awake each night and I ask the Lord above To help me try to find a way to do my share To make the rivers clean and the grass a bit more green So it won’t hurt for him to simply breathe the air - “Danny is a Mirror to Me” You won’t let me forget you You’re all I see and do And ‘til my life is through I’ll remember you - “I’ll Remember You”
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