SIDE ONE 1. MY GOD AND I (John “Buck” Wilkin) (2:53) 2. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME (Terry Cashman/Gene Pistilli/Tommy West) (3:41) 3. HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:38) 4. MARY JACKSON (John “Buck” Wilkin) (2:20) 5. ABOUT TIME (John “Buck” Wilkin) (2:59) 6. DOWN ON THE BAYOU (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:54) SIDE TWO 1. WE GOTTA START LOVIN’ (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:27) 2. HE AIN’T HEAVY, HE’S MY BROTHER (Bob Russell/Bobby Scott) (3:46) 3. WATER COLOR DAYS (Kenny O’Dell/Larry Henley) (2:45) 4. IT’S GONNA CHANGE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:41) 5. WATCHING SCOTTY GROW (Mac Davis) (2:28) 6. REQUIEM (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:32)
1970 United Artists Records UAS 6777
“We Gotta Start Lovin’” Album Top Position:  #20 Country, #120 Pop Billboard magazine, October 10, 1970, page 66, Album Reviews Goldsboro’s charm continues to make new inroads as he sings these dozen tunes in his easy winning style.  “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” rings with that effortless manner; “Heaven Here on Earth” is relaxed; “We Gotta Start Lovin’” is driving and penetrating. “It’s Gonna Change” Single (UA 50696) Top Position:  #38 Easy Listening, #108 Pop Billboard Magazine, July 4, 1970, page 80, Spotlight Singles, Top 60 Pop Spotlight Goldsboro wrote this moving rhythm ballad and turns in a top reading of it.  Should fast top the chart success of “Can You Feel It.” Flip:  “Down on the Bayou.” “My God and I” Single (UA 50715) Billboard Magazine, September 5, 1970, page 78, Spotlight Singles, Pop, Special Merit Spotlight Smooth rhythm ballad with a topnotch Goldsboro performance should quickly prove a winner in pop and country markets. First rate material. “Water Color Days” Single (UA 50727) Billboard Magazine, November 14, 1970, page 56, Spotlight Singles, Pop, Special Merit Spotlight Potent interpretation of this smooth ballad could bring artist to the best selling Easy Listening and Hot 100 charts. “Watching Scotty Grow” Single (UA 50727) Top Position:  #1 Easy Listening, #7 Country, #11 Pop Billboard Soft Rock Hits - 1971 - Rhino Records #R2 72737 “Watching Scotty Grow” peaked at #1 for six weeks beginning in January 1971.  Total weeks charted: 14.  Bobby Goldsboro landed the biggest Adult Contemporary hit of the year and of his 29-hit career with this tune written by Mac Davis.
Available on Compact Disc: Entire album released on CD Available on Tape: 8-Track, cassette, and reel-to-reel Available on Vinyl Singles: “My God and I,” “Down on the Bayou,” “We Gotta Start Lovin’,” “Water Color Days,” “It’s Gonna Change,” “Watching Scotty Grow,” “Requiem” Notable Covers: “Heaven Here on Earth” was recorded by television host Chuck Woolery
The album was re-issued in Spring 1971 with a different cover titled, “Watching Scotty Grow,” upon the success of that single.  The vinyl record label remained “We Gotta Start Lovin’.” “Watching Scotty Grow” was written by Mac Davis about his son, and was originally considered for Andy Williams.  Bobby was shopping for shirts in a Los Angeles store when he saw Davis’ producer, Jerry Fuller, which led to a meeting and the recording of the song.  There was a brief discussion to change the lyric from Scotty to Danny (Bobby’s son), but Davis declined. United Artists Records pressed “We Gotta Start Lovin’” singles with “Water Color Days,” before changing to “Watching Scotty Grow,” which was getting significant radio airplay from the album.  The record company was initially reluctant to promote the song as a single because, as Bobby has said, “they thought nobody would buy a record about a father and his son.” “Watching Scotty Grow” led to Bobby’s involvement in many children’s charities, including Easter Seals, March of Dimes, and Jerry Lewis’ MDA Telethon “Down on the Bayou” features Bobby’s signature tree frog imitation.
And when I looked around, a world of peace I found A world where people had no need to fight And with the newborn Son, a new world had begun A world where men were neither black or white - “Heaven Here on Earth”   We gotta start lovin’, before it’s too late If we take time for lovin’, there’ll be no time for hate We can learn from the children, they can show us the way They don’t care about the color of a man Or the money in his hand Just a smile will see them through the day - “We Gotta Start Lovin’”
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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“Watching Scotty Grow” Back Cover
“Watching Scotty Grow” Front Cover
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Bobby Goldsboro wrote “Watching Scotty Grow” about his son, Scotty. False. As noted above, Mac Davis wrote the song about his son, Scotty.  Bobby has written songs about his son, Danny, and there was brief talk about possibly changing the title to “Watching Danny Grow.”  Danny is shown on the reissued cover (below).  As Bobby jokes when performing the song in concert, “I’m glad he let me record it because I got a gold record for it.  But Mac says that to this day, because I recorded it, that Scotty thinks that I’m his father!  Not true!”
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