SIDE ONE 1.  HONEY (Bobby Russell) 2.  THE STRAIGHT LIFE (Sonny Curtis) 3.  WITH PEN IN HAND (Bobby Goldsboro) 4.  MUDDY MISSISSIPPI LINE (Bobby Goldsboro) 5.  BLUE AUTUMN (Bobby Goldsboro) 6.  LITTLE THINGS (Bobby Goldsboro) 7.  SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) (Bobby Goldsboro) SIDE TWO 1.  WATCHIN’ SCOTTY GROW (Mac Davis) 2.  SEE THE FUNNY LITTLE CLOWN (Bobby Goldsboro) 3.  THE COWBOY AND THE LADY (Bobby Goldsboro) 4.  BROOMSTICK COWBOY (Bobby Goldsboro) 5.  IT’S TOO LATE (Bobby Goldsboro) 6.  AUTUMN OF MY LIFE (Bobby Goldsboro) 7.  HELLO SUMMERTIME (Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway/Bill Backer/Billy Davis) 8.  I’M A DRIFTER (Bobby Goldsboro)
1986 Spectra Records 11841
Available on Compact Disc: Entire album released on CD Available on Tape: Cassette Available on Vinyl Singles: None (only available in original recording versions) Television: Originally available through mail-order via a television commercial featuring Bobby commenting on the songs
Back Cover
This album was a re-recording of Bobby’s greatest hits, done in 1986. Bobby wanted the songs to be as true to the original recordings as possible, repeating some arrangements and using several original musicians and singers. Bobby commented that the re-recording sessions brought back many good memories.  He has said that the remake of “Honey” was done in one take, just as the legendary original had been in 1968.  They did a second take in 1968, because “you don’t just do a monster hit song in one take” but the first was just as good as the second.