1968 United Artists Records UAS 6642 (stereo) / UAL 3642 (mono)
 SIDE ONE  1.  HONEY (Bobby Russell) (3:58)  2.  RUN TO ME (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:25)  3.  WITH PEN IN HAND (Bobby Goldsboro) (3:27)  4.  PARDON ME MISS (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:40)  5.  WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME (Lew Douglas/King Laney/Roy Rodde) (2:15)    SIDE TWO  1.  PLEDGE OF LOVE (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:21)  2.  LITTLE GREEN APPLES (Bobby Russell) (2:25)  3.  LOVE ARRESTOR (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:43)  4.  BY THE TIME I GET TO PHOENIX (Jimmy Webb) (2:44)  5.  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (Kenny O’Dell) (2:20)  6.  (THINGS THAT MAKE A WOMAN) A WOMAN (Larry Butler/John Hurley) (2:11)
"Honey" Album Top Position:  #1 Country, #5 Pop Billboard magazine, April 13, 1968, Page 78, Album Reviews, Pop Spotlight: With “Honey,” the title song of this album still riding high on the singles charts, Bobby Goldsboro is assured of another step-out LP.  However, “Honey” doesn’t do all the work, for the package is full of Goldsboro style that did so well for him in previously released albums. "Honey” Single (United Artists #50283) Top Position:  #1 Pop (5 weeks), #1 Country (3 weeks),   #1 Easy Listening (2 weeks) Billboard magazine, March 9, 1968, Page 72,  Spotlight Singles, Top 60 Pop: The compelling folk material starting to create a stir via the Bob Shane version on Decca has equal sales potential via this exceptionally well done Goldsboro version.  Fits all programming and loaded with sales appeal.  Flip:  “Danny” ‘HONEY’ HONEY SINGLE FOR UA Billboard magazine, April 13, 1968, Page 8 Bobby Goldsboro’s “Honey” is the fastest selling single in United Artists’ 10-year history, according to UA president Michael Stewart.  The disk has been certified by the RIAA for a gold record as a million seller after only four weeks on the market.  UA is following up the success of “Honey” with an album of the same title. Billboard magazine, October 5, 1974, Page BG-8 ...”Honey became the world’s biggest-selling record in 1968, beating even the mighty “Hey Jude.” "With Pen In Hand” Single (United Artists #50938) Top Position:  #28 Easy Listening, #94 Pop Billboard magazine, August 19, 1972, Page 50,  Pick Singles, Pop-Also Recommended: “With Pen In Hand”
Re-Issues:  Album re-issued by Pickwick Records, 1979. “Pledge of Love” was on “Blue Autumn” LP Available on Compact Disc: Entire album released on CD Available on Tape: 8-Track, cassette and reel-to-reel Available on Vinyl Singles: "Honey,” “With Pen in Hand,” “Pledge of Love” Notable Cover Recordings: “With Pen in Hand” is Bobby’s most-recorded composition--a country hit for Johnny Darrell, a pop hit for Vikki Carr, and sung by Eddy Arnold, Aretha Franklin, and many others.  “Pardon Me Miss” was recorded by the Four Lads.
1969 GRAMMY AWARDS Nominations
Record of the Year: “Honey” Bobby Goldsboro Contemporary Pop Male Vocalist: “Honey” Bobby Goldsboro Song of the Year:  “Honey” Best Country & Western Song:  “Honey” Also, 1970 Contemporary Female Vocalist: “With Pen In Hand” Vikki Carr
                                                       “Honey” became Bobby Goldsboro’s signature song and all-time biggest hit.  He credits the song for                                                        expanding his audience, including allowing him to appear on more television talk and variety shows. The “Honey” single has the rare distinction of reaching #1 Pop, #1 Country, #1 Easy Listening, and #1 in several countries around the world.  In addition, juke box programmer L.H. Rousseau said in the 7/6/68 Billboard:  “I was surprised when R&B locations began requesting ‘Honey’ by Bobby Goldsboro.  This was a record that went well in pop and C&W locations, but R&B locations played it too.” “Honey” would have sold even more copies in 1968, but limitations at the record pressing plants meant that stores could not be supplied with enough records to meet demand.  The song, written by Bobby Russell and recommended by Larry Henley, was first recorded by Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio.  Shane’s version was at #104 on Billboard’s “Bubbling Under” chart when Bobby first reached the #1 spot on April 13, 1968. “Honey” was voted the “Ballad of the Decade” in England in 1975, and its re-release went to #2 on the pop charts then. The album was originally titled, “Pledge of Love,” but upon the immediate success of the “Honey” single, the album was renamed. The original album cover, shown below, is quite rare. “Run to Me” features Bobby’s famous tree frog impression. “With Pen in Hand” was written when Bobby learned of his friend Roger Miller’s divorce and thought of how divorce affects children.   “With Pen in Hand” lyrics were later re-written by Bobby at the request of Vikki Carr, who wanted to record the song from the wife’s point of view.  The single went to #6 Easy Listening and earned a Grammy nomination. “Little Green Apples” was played on U.S. radio and was released as a single in other countries, making it a staple in Bobby’s concerts. “Beautiful People” was written by Kenny O’Dell, who would later run House of Gold, Bobby’s very successful music publishing company.  The company published hits including “Behind Closed Doors” and “Wind Beneath My Wings.” “Honey” was made into one of the industry’s first promotional music videos.  Filmed by Channel 4 in Nashville with heavy cost involved, it was a full-scale treatment depicting the story in the song.  Starring Oscar-nominated actress Sondra Locke, the longtime girlfriend of Clint Eastwood, the video was sent to television stations across the country and was the first time United Artists Records did that type of promotion.
With pen in hand, you sign your name Today at five, I’ll be on that train And you’ll be free, and I will be Alone, so alone If you think we can’t find the love we once knew If you think I can’t make everything up to you Then I’ll be gone, and you’ll be on your own You’ll be on your own Can you take good care of Johnny Can you take him to school every day Can you teach him how to catch a fish and keep all those bullies away, hear what I say Can you teach him how to whistle a tune Can you tell him about the man in the moon If you can do these things, then maybe he won’t miss me Maybe he won’t miss me And tonight, as you lay in that big lonely bed Can you look at the pillow where I laid my head With your heart on fire, will you have no desire To kiss me, and to hold me And if you can forget the good times we had If you think that the good times don’t outweigh the bad Then sign your name, and I’ll be on my way I’ll be on my way
If your money has all been spent And your “get up and go” has done and got up and went If your love is locked up inside And you don’t know where to hide - “Run to Me” Pardon me, Miss, I know this has been said before But you’re the loveliest girl on my mind Pardon me, Miss, I don’t mean to be fresh But I think it’s a very good opening line - “Pardon Me Miss” Can’t you see You are all the world to me Where you are is where I’ll be I’ll be good to you - “Pledge of Love” I was captured by her eyes She tied me up with a rope of lies And all that I have gained Is an invisible ball and chain - “Love Arrestor”
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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