SIDE ONE  1.  OUR WAY OF LIFE (Sonny Curtis) (2:42)  2.  UNDER YOUR SPELL AGAIN (Buck Owens/Dusty Rhodes) (2:41)  3.  WALKING ON NEW GRASS (Ray Pennington) (2:17)  4.  HERE WE GO AGAIN (Don Lanier/Red Steagall) (2:26)  5.  HEARTACHES BY THE NUMBER (Harlan Howard) (2:28)  6.  TAKE A LITTLE GOOD WILL HOME (Jerry Chesnut) (2:11)    SIDE TWO  1.  I JUST WASTED THE REST (Hugh X. Lewis) (2:14)  2.  SHE THINKS I STILL CARE (Dickey Lee/Steve Duffy) (2:37)  3.  A DIME AT A TIME (Jerry Chesnut) (2:03)  4.  CRAZY ARMS (Ralph Mooney/Charles Seals) (2:38)  5.  I AIN’T BROKE BUT I’M BADLY BENT (Fred Carter, Jr.) (2:05)
1967 United Artists Records UAS 6615 (stereo) / UAL 3615 (mono)
"Our Way of Life" Album Top Position:  #28 Country Billboard magazine, November 4, 1967, Page 88, Album Reviews, Country Spotlight: Del Reeves and Bobby Goldsboro have blended their individual talents in such a way that Reeves-Goldsboro is bound to become an inseparable disk billing.  The tunes are of strong country vintage and both know what to do with them.  The pair perform an excellent rendition of Reeves’ current chart single, “Dime at a Time.” "Our Way of Life" Single (UA #50243) Billboard magazine, February 17, 1968, Page 61,  Spotlight Singles, Top 20 Country: Sonny Curtis wrote this compelling easy rhythm ballad and the dueting of Reeves and Goldsboro proves a natural for a top chart winner.  Pop potential as well. “I Just Wasted the Rest” Single (UA #50243) Top Position:  #56 Country Billboard magazine, February 17, 1968, Page 61,  Spotlight Singles, Top 20 Country: Flip of “Our Way of Life” “Take a Little Good Will Home” (UA #50591) Top Position:  #31 Country
Re-Issues:  None Available on Compact Disc: “I Just Wasted the Rest,” “Take a Little Good Will Home” Available on Tape: 8-Track, cassette and reel-to-reel Available on Vinyl Singles: "Our Way of Life,” “Take a Little Good Will Home,” “I Just Wasted the Rest,” “She Thinks I Still Care”
Nomination: Best Country & Western Performance - Duo, Trio or Group (Vocal or Instrumental)
This album of duets marked Bobby Goldsboro’s unofficial introduction to the country music genre. Del Reeves was a label-mate with United Artists Records at the time.  The Grand Ole Opry member is best known for his 1965 hit, “Girl on the Billboard” (#1 Country). Having recorded over thirty albums, Del Reeves said in 1992 that “me and Bobby Goldsboro’s album was the most fun I’ve ever had making a record.”
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