SIDE ONE   1. HONEY (Bobby Russell)   2. SEE THE FUNNY LITTLE CLOWN (Bobby Goldsboro)   3. LITTLE THINGS (Bobby Goldsboro)   4. WHENEVER HE HOLDS YOU (Bobby Goldsboro)   5. COME BACK HOME (Bobby Goldsboro)   6. AND I LOVE YOU SO (Don McLean)   7. HELLO SUMMERTIME (Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway/Bill Backer/Billy Davis)   8. VOODOO WOMAN (Bobby Goldsboro)   9. IT’S TOO LATE (Bobby Goldsboro) 10. AUTUMN OF MY LIFE (Bobby Goldsboro) SIDE TWO   1. WATCHING SCOTTY GROW (Mac Davis)   2. THE STRAIGHT LIFE (Sonny Curtis)   3. GLAD SHE’S A WOMAN (Bodie Chandler)   4. BLUE AUTUMN (Bobby Goldsboro)   5. CAN YOU FEEL IT (Bobby Goldsboro)   6. MUDDY MISSISSIPPI LINE (Bobby Goldsboro)   7. AND THEN THERE WAS GINA (Bobby Goldsboro)   8. MORNIN’, MORNIN’ (Dennis Linde)   9. I’M A DRIFTER (Bobby Goldsboro) 10. SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) (Bobby Goldsboro)
1977 K-Tel Records NC 472 Made and Distributed in Canada
This album, advertised on TV for mail order sales, is the only long-play record featuring the acoustic version of “And Then There Was Gina.”  That version, recorded in Nashville, was previously only available as the B-side of singles “Quicksand” and “Hello Summertime.”
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