SIDE ONE 1.  LITTLE THINGS (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:25) 2.  THE TIME FOR US (Gerry Goffin/Carole King) (2:30) 3.  I DON'T KNOW YOU ANYMORE (Howard Greenfield/Jack Keller) (3:13) 4.  GOOD-BYE TO HILLSIDE HIGH (Steve Karliski/Larry Kolber) (2:42) 5.  YOU'LL NEVER KNOW (Mack Gordon/Harry Warren) (2:07) 6.  HAPPY WITH HIM (Howard Greenfield/Helen Miller) (2:16) SIDE TWO 1.  ME JAPANESE BOY, I LOVE YOU (Burt Bacharach/Hal David) (2:25) 2.  LITTLE DROPS OF WATER (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart/Wes Farrell) (2:18) 3.  IF YOU GOT A HEART (Bobby Goldsboro) (2:35) 4.  WORLD WITHOUT LOVE (John Lennon/Paul McCartney) (2:42) 5.  IF SHE WAS MINE (Bobby Goldsboro/Buddy Buie) (2:21) 6.  PITY THE FOOL (Bobby Goldsboro/Buddy Buie) (2:15)
1965 United Artists Records UAS 6425 (stereo) / UAL 3425 (mono)
"Me Japanese Boy, I Love You" Single (United Artists #742) Top Position:  #14 Easy Listening, #74 Pop Billboard magazine, July 25, 1964, Page 14, Singles Reviews, Pop Standard Spotlight: Material and approach in different groove. Romantic and simple ballad that seems to click.  "I Don't Know You Anymore" Single (United Artists #781) Top Position:  #105 Pop Billboard magazine, October 31, 1964, Page 16, Singles Reviews, Chart Specials, Hot Pop: with "Little Drops of Water" "Little Things" Single (United Artists #810) Top Position:  #13 Pop Billboard magazine, January 16, 1965, Page 40, Singles Reviews, Hot Pop Spotlight: Gutsy rocker with loads of sales potential.  Bobby delivers the well-worded message with plenty of authority. "If You've Got a Heart" Single (United Artists #908) Top Position:  #60 Pop Billboard magazine, July 31, 1965, Page 14, Spotlight Singles, Top 60 Pop Spotlight: Flip of "If You Wait for Love"
Re-Issues:  “If You Got a Heart” appears on the 1966  “Broomstick Cowboy” album Available on Compact Disc: Entire album released on CD Available on Tape: 8-Track and 4-track tapes  (Other formats unknown) Available on Vinyl Singles: "Little Things," "I Don't Know You Anymore," "Me Japanese Boy, I Love You," "Little Drops of Water," "If You Got a Heart," "If She Was Mine," "Pity the Fool" Notable Cover Recordings: "Little Things" was a Top 5 hit single in England by Dave Berry; "If You Got a Heart" and "If She was Mine" were recorded by Chad and Jeremy; and "Pity the Fool" was recorded by Dennis Yost and the Classics IV.  Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles did a live mash-up of “Little Things” with Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Morning Hop.” Films: "Little Things" was referenced in the 1967 film, “Don’t Look Back,” a documentary of Bob Dylan’s 1965 UK concert tour.  “Little Things” is featured on the original motion picture soundtrack of 1989 film, “Drugstore Cowboy,” playing during a store robbery early in the movie.
The front cover mixes up the song title and name of arranger/conductor Sid Feller, and shows "Good-Bye to Hillside Highside Feller." "If You Got a Heart" is spelled "If You've Got a Heart" on several other recordings. “Little Things” was re-written into a TV commercial for “Dirt Devil” vacuum cleaners sung by Bobby in the mid-1990’s.
I think you're using me 'til you find someone new But if you wait too long, you'll have to find me, too - "If You Got a Heart" Those big blue eyes you see are not for crying You shouldn't treat her bad the way you do You're going to lose her love if you keep lying I know it's true, 'cause she once loved me, too - "If She was Mine"
WITH PEN IN HAND The Songwriting of Bobby Goldsboro
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