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SETLIST:  Little Things/Frog Noise Stories/Watching Scotty Grow/With Pen In Hand/See The Funny Little Clown/ The Straight Life/Muddy Mississippi Line/Little Green Apples/ It’s Too Late/Midget Football Story/Wind Beneath My Wings/ Introduction of wife Dianne/“Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon” Video & Talk/Stay Forever Young/Oil Paintings Video & Talk/ Broomstick Cowboy/Summer (The First Time)/Honey/ Birthday Cake Presentation/I’m A Drifter
Bobby Goldsboro performed at the Savannah Center on January 18th, on the occasion of his 74th birthday.  The 80-minute show was announced as the first time he had ever played a concert on his birthday.  It was the fourth time in recent years that he has performed at this venue (after two shows on 1/16/2010 and another on 1/14/2012), and his first concert anywhere since March 30, 2013. The show included many of Bobby’s greatest hits, videos showcasing his latest TV and art projects, and a generous helping of humor.  He introduced his wife Dianne to the crowd as “the wind beneath my wings” and as one of the brightest, most intelligent people he has ever met.  He then launched into a never-before-heard five-minute routine of funny examples of her malaprops and dyslexic spelling.  Dianne turned the tables later by surprising Bobby onstage with a birthday cake.  Along with Bobby’s longtime audio mixer/manager Jim Stephany, she led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday.” Bobby finished the show with his traditional encore of “I’m a Drifter,” then met with the many friends and family who had attended the special concert.  He concluded the evening by meeting fans in the lobby for autographs and photos.
One week after the birthday concert, an art show was held on January 25th.  Held at the Sea Breeze Recreational Center at The Villages, Florida, from 1-4pm, the show was a big success.  See The Villages-News story at goldsboro-shows-artwork-seabreeze-rec-center/ and some photos at, which links to See all of Bobby’s paintings on his official website. Bobby is scheduled to again show his works to benefit the VAA Scholarship Cause on Saturday, January 23, 2015, 1-4pm, at the Sea Breeze Center.
“HUBBLE AT 25” VIDEO Bobby recently filmed video featuring his Hubble series oil paintings to celebrate the 25th anniversary of NASA’s Hubble Telescope.  The Hubble paintings are being displayed at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, DC. See the official website.
The 1976 “Hee Haw” episode featuring Bobby re-aired on RFD-TV on January 18th, and again on July 19/25/26th.  Songs were “Muddy Mississippi Line” and “A Butterfly For Bucky.”  Click here for a YouTube post.  A 1978 episode featuring Bobby should air in 2016.
“Evening Shade” reruns are airing on Antenna TV stations on Saturday and Sunday night at 10:00pm & 10:30pm Eastern time.  Seasons Three and Four feature Bobby Goldsboro’s award-winning theme song and other music.  Click here for show page.
BANGLES’ SUSANNA HOFFS: “BOBBY GOLDSBORO MAY HAVE INFLUENCED LED ZEPPELIN” Susanna Hoffs, singer/guitarist of the Bangles, wrote:  “I think Bobby Goldsboro may have influenced Led Zeppelin... Submitted for your approval, my ProTools experiment!” On August 5th, 2014, Hoffs provided a 41-second audio mash-up comparing Bobby Goldsboro’s  “Little Things” to classic rock group Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop.”  Listen to the audio here: PERFORMS “LITTLE THINGS” IN CONCERT Hoffs performed “Little Things” in the mash-up with Led Zeppelin recently in a Los Angeles concert.  Aided by the printed song lyrics onstage and together with violin player Petra Haden, Hoffs sang “Led Goldsboro” at Largo at the Coronet Theatre on July 30, 2015.  A short clip can be heard by hitting “play” button at left.
@WinkMartindale A longtime friend - singer Bobby Goldsboro is celebrating his 74th birthday today...   His recording of “Honey” was HUGE!!!            18 Jan 2015 8:30AM
DRINKING GLASSES Bobby’s paintings will be featured soon on drinking glasses.  A leading home lifestyles catalogue company, and some outdoor supply retail stores are to carry them.
Singer, songwriter and poet (April 29, 1933 - January 29, 2015) Died in Beverly Hills, California of pneumonia Rod wrote or co-wrote “Jean,” “If You Go Away,” “The World I Used to Know” and “Seasons in the Sun.”  Rod appeared as a guest star in two episodes of “The Bobby Goldsboro Show,” and included a congratulatory ad to Bobby in the special tribute section of the October 5, 1974 issue of Billboard.
SONGWRITER MAC DAVIS AND “WATCHING SCOTTY GROW” Hall of Fame Songwriter Mac Davis did an interview with Bert Herbison, as documented by Dave Paulson of the Nashville Tennessean newspaper.  Davis related the story of writing “Watching Scotty Grow,” and how it was first played for Bobby Goldsboro to record. “I ended up over at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, playing him this song.  He loved it, and he was coming off of the biggest hit in the universe at that time, called ‘Honey.’” The story and nine-minute video can be seen by clicking here. 22/story-behind-song-watching-scotty-grow/9457995/
B.J. THOMAS TELLS “ROCK N’ ROLL STORIES” Singer B.J. Thomas appeared on PBS television recently and recalled his early touring days appearing with Bobby Goldsboro, among others.  The show’s Facebook page is here.
PAINTING GOES FOR $25,000 IN CHARITY AUCTION Bobby’s commissioned oil painting, “Reborn,” earned a $25,000 winning bid in the annual Celebrity Martini Glass Auction in Naples, Florida, held on February 8th.  Bobby attended the event supporting America’s military veterans.  See the official website at
“GATOR”MOVIE SCREENING WITH BURT REYNOLDS The Lyric Theatre in Stuart, Florida, presented a screening of 1976 motion picture, “Gator,” on January 25.  Lead actor and first-time director Burt Reynolds appeared on stage to discuss the film and a variety of other topics.  The movie featured Bobby Goldsboro’s “For a Little While” throughout the film and as the closing theme song.
HAPPY 30TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Bobby and Dianne Goldsboro April 11, 2015
NEW COMPACT DISC SONGS FROM RECENT CONCERT PERFORMANCE A brand new Bobby Goldsboro CD titled “Country” has been released by Sony Music.  The disc is a sampling of songs from the February 19, 2011 live performance in St. Charles, Missouri, along with some music from Bobby’s 1980’s studio remakes.  Included are: Little Things (studio remake) / Watching Scotty Grow (live) / See the Funny Little Clown (live) / The Straight Life (live) / It’s Too Late (live) / Autumn of My Life (live) / Muddy Mississippi Line (live) / Broomstick Cowboy (live) / Summer (The First Time) (live) Honey (part studio remake/part live) The 2015 disc is Sony Music catalog #88875008582.  It is budget priced, and available through most music outlets including Amazon, linked here.
BEN E. KING        Singer, songwriter        (9/28/38 - 4/30/15)  Died in NJ of heart failure Along with Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller, he wrote “Stand By Me.” Bobby performed an uptempo version in his early 1990’s shows.  Click “play” button for sample:
2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of “Little Things” - a top hit of 1965
Buddy Buie was a childhood friend of Bobby’s from Dothan.  Buie had become the manager of Bobby’s band, The Webs, but wanted to enter the business of booking concerts as a promoter.  Unable to reach an agreement with singer Conway Twitty, Buie set his sights on an even more popular Roy Orbison. Buie booked Orbison for a show in Dothan, and two others in Florida.  As luck would have it, Orbison had just fired his backing band so Buie offered The Webs for those concerts.  The shows went so well that Orbison hired The Webs as his permanent road band, giving Bobby his big break towards musical stardom. The Webs became The Candymen when backing Orbison, and the band (after Bobby left for his solo career) would eventually morph into Dennis Yost and the Classics IV in the late 1960’s.  Along with guitarist J.R. Cobb, Buie co-wrote the classics “Spooky,” “Stormy,” and “Traces.”  Band members went on to become the Atlanta Rhythm Section.  In the late 1970’s, the group had two Top Ten hit songs co-written by Buie in “So Into You” and “Imaginary Lover.” Buie co-wrote several songs with Bobby in the early 1960’s, including the novelty single “Hi Yo Camel” (which The Webs released under the name The Peeple) in 1963; “Honey Baby,” “The Letter,” and “Light the Candles (Throw the Rice)” that Bobby recorded for Laurie Records in 1962 and 1963; “If She Was Mine” and “Pity the Fool,” released on Bobby’s “Little Things” album; and two 1964 songs Bobby never released--”Big Buildin’,” a single by Wink Martindale with Robin Ward, and “Let Them Whisper,” a single by Pam Hall.
BUDDY BUIE Perry Carlton “Buddy” Buie Manager, songwriter, producer, publisher (January 23, 1941 - July 18, 2015) Died in Dothan, Alabama, from a heart attack Shown at far right with Bobby Goldsboro in Dothan on June 10, 2009, at the dedication of a mural celebrating the musical talent from the city. See TV news clip here.
THE WEBS’ “LOST (CRICKET IN MY EAR)” NOW AVAILABLE ON COMPACT DISC Righteous, a division of Cherry Red Records in England, released a compilation compact disc in late 2014 that includes the first digital version of “Lost (Cricket in My Ear)” by Bobby’s early 1960’s group, The Webs.  The 28-song disc, titled “The Incredibly Strange Record Club,” brings together “jungle exotica, greasy instrumentals, insane doo-wop, songs sung in gibberish, beatnik bebop jazz and a host of new unadvisable dance crazes” per the publicity announcement.
CHRISTIAN MUSIC Bobby is working on an original album of Christian music.  Several songs have been selected and recorded, including one entitled, “His Love (The Greatest of All).”  One of Bobby’s Hubble Series paintings has already been chosen for the album cover.  The project is still in the early stages, with no release date scheduled.
LYNN ANDERSON Singer (September 26, 1947 - July 30, 2015) Died in Nashville, TN of heart attack Multiple award winner and singer of 12 #1 country singles and 3 #1 country albums (including “Rose Garden”), Lynn was a guest on the first season of “The Bobby Goldsboro Show.” Lynn also teamed with Bobby as award presenters on television shows including the 1972 CMA Awards (below, with Glen Campbell), and co-hosted the WSM-TV Nashville Cerebral Palsy Telethon (pictured above) on March 9, 1974.
LARRY HENLEY Singer, songwriter (June 30, 1937 - December 18, 2014) Died in Nashville, Tennessee, of Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s diseases. In 1968, Larry alerted Bobby to “Honey,” and later wrote for House of Gold Music.  He co-wrote 1970’s “Water Color Days,” three songs on Bobby’s 1972 LP, “California Wine,” and “Out Run the Sun” from  “Round Up Saloon.” Larry co-wrote “Wind Beneath My Wings” and brought the song to Bobby to first record it.  Bobby’s producer, Larry Butler, convinced him not to do it.  It became a #1 single for Bette Midler, and won Song of the Year at the 1990 Grammy Awards. Larry began his career as singer in The Newbeats, whose “Bread and Butter” hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1964.
Music producer, singer, songwriter (May 12, 1937 - December 4, 2014) Died in Lee’s Summit, MO, of Parkinson’s Bob co-produced most of Bobby’s records from 1968 through 1975, including “Honey.”  He co- wrote (with Kenny O’Dell) the song, “Country Feelin’s,” which was included in the “California Wine” album.
In 1971, Bob and Bobby formed House of Gold Music, Inc., one of the most successful music publishing companies for the next decade.  Bob began his musical career with junior high school classmate Buddy Holly.  He wrote the classic song, “Misty Blue,” recorded by over 200 artists.
Davis was honored as a BMI Icon on November 3rd in Nashville.  See the story here.
While performing in Beverly Hills, California, on October 4th, Gary Lewis mentioned touring with Bobby Goldsboro in the mid-1960’s.    Lewis, who recorded “It’s Too Late” and “Voodoo Woman,” said after the show: “Oh, it was wonderful!  It was all so much fun.  Yeah.  He was a great guy, great guy.  I liked him a lot.”
BILLY JOE ROYAL Singer (4/3/42 - 10/6/15) CORY WELLS Singer (2/2/41 - 10/20/15)
Singers Royal (left) & Wells (right, of Three Dog Night) appeared with Bobby in the 2010 PBS-TV special, “Marvin Hamlisch Presents The 70’s - The Way We Were.”
JAY & THE AMERICANS RECALL SINGING WITH BOBBY  After a show in Cerritos, California, on October 23rd, the original band members recalled singing Bobby’s background vocals.  Marty Sanders (shown above in red) said:  “We’ve known Bobby forever!  We did ‘(See the) Funny Little Clown.’  They had us at the actual session with Bobby and Jack Gold...Tell Bobby I want to hear him do the cricket!” 
Game show host/disc jockey Wink Martindale recorded a song with Robin Ward titled, “Big Buildin’,” in 1964.  The song was written by Bobby and Buddy Buie.  Click here to hear the song on YouTube.  An audio interview of Bobby by Martindale is included on 2005 BCI CD, “Brand New Kind of Love.”  He said at an October 23rd oldies concert in Cerritos, California, “He made some great hits.  Bobby was a great guy.  I haven’t seen him in ages.  If he were around here, I’d go see him in a minute!”
BOBBY ON “RAY STEVENS’ NASHVILLE” TV SHOW Bobby Goldsboro recorded an incredible episode of the show for the RFD cable TV network on Monday, December 14th, at Ray Stevens’ studio in Nashville.  They recalled their 50-year friendship and displayed some of Bobby’s paintings before Bobby sang “Little Things” and “Honey.”  The show will air in early 2016.
JIMMY E. GOLDSBOROUGH (November 4, 1939 - June 23, 2015) Bobby’s older brother, Jimmy, passed away from cancer at his home in Dothan, Alabama.
ROLLING STONES’ KEITH RICHARDS CREDITS BOBBY In a recent interview with Noisey, Keith Richards noted how Bobby Goldsboro taught him how to play a tricky chord by legendary blues guitarist Jimmy Reed.  Click below: